What does being a member of the TSR Support Team involve?

The TSR Support Team is all about helping students- whether that is supporting them with their studies or with their lives around learning. With over 1.6 million members on The Student Room, there are a lot of people looking for a helping hand!

TSR is divided into sections including:

Life around Learning forums: TSR Community, Hobbies & Interests, Life & Style and Debate & Current Affairs 

Education and Pathways forums: Study Help, Universities and Careers & Jobs 

Nurturing and co-creating with our Community

As a team member you’ll source engaging content that students can get involved in, share their opinions on and potentially learn from.

TSR Community

You’ll get involved with the forums you’re responsible for, posting in existing discussions and starting new ones.

You’ll help out members who haven’t received a response yet, posting in unanswered threads or maybe moving them to a different forum when appropriate.

You'll provide considerate advice to members who have posted questions on the site.

You'll welcome new members into the forums and engage with their threads or posts to increase their confidence and help them integrate into the community.

You'll get to know your forum members inside out by exploring why they are drawn to your section, analysing their feedback and implementing improvements.

You’ll support new members by actively engaging with them and educating them around the forum guidelines.

Working alongside our Community Editor, you'll engage the community by generating high quality resources and content either in the form of threads or wiki pages for your section.

You'll work alongside other volunteer teams such as the Welcome Squad, Community Assistants, Editorial Team and PS Advisors to help the development of community within your area.

You'll act as the forum 'Go-To' expert- this means being seen by the community as someone they can approach for help, advice and conversation! 

Making your forum the place to be

You’ll come up with ideas for new projects that can be run on site and help work on these from ideation to execution.

You'll help run events and competitions, or anything else that springs to mind in order to develop and improve your section. Examples include WinItWednesdays, Grow Your Grades and the Transformation Contests.

You’ll continue to evolve your section by getting support from your peers, the Community Team and Section Leaders where necessary. You’ll help run projects and activities such as seasonal events (i.e. Christmas) and get involved with any section specific needs such as helping with “Results Day”.

TSR Community

You’ll help us to run a tight ship

You’ll come to know your section(s) inside out, regularly reviewing content generated by our members and highlighting this to the Community Team for promotion.

You'll help the community by moving any threads that may have been misplaced and ensuring that the content is appropriate and in line with our Community Guidelines.

You'll help revise the forum guidelines and educate the community about these rules.

You'll monitor feedback from the community and use data to measure the impact of your influence on how your member base grows and engages.

You'll keep a wary eye out for technical issues and suggest development opportunities to the Community Team.

TSR Community

GO Team! GO!

A big focus for us is team support and development. Our volunteers are an essential part of the TSR family. We’ll help support you throughout your time with us as a volunteer and we’d like you to help scout for potential new talent among the community.

As a team we’ll provide online training, as well as day-to-day guidance and advice.

Your Section Leader will provide you with regular feedback during your first couple of months with the team. It’s a trial period but remember you’re trying us out too 

You’ll be invited to attend volunteer team meetings and industry events which are relevant to your forum. We generally chat day-to-day online but are always happy to catch up face-to-face via a Google Hangout.

As a team member you’ll contribute to discussion of potential volunteer candidates, including highlighting any members who you think should be considered.

How often should you be doing this?

As one of our Support Team members you will need to make sure the responsibilities are shared out fairly within the team, however, we appreciate there are times when life gets in the way! We would suggest the below as a guideline to approaching your contribution to the TSR Support Team, though if you fancy doing more that's even better!


* Create 1 thread, poll or competition weekly to make the forums active and engaging

* Reply to members of the community to guide them, build relationships with members and engage in conversation around 20 times per week

* Respond to 10 unanswered threads a week to ensure everyone on the site is receiving an answer

* Check for thread moves to keep the forums nice and tidy for a good experience

* Get involved with at least 1 team activity annually such as Grow Your Grades, Exam Support, Transformations Contests, Movie Madness, Game of the Year etc. to support the team and community.

Welcome to the TSR Support Team!