Why is my post being reviewed?

Have you received a notification that looks like this? Don't panic, it doesn't mean you've done anything wrong!

It just means a post you've made needs to be checked before it's made visible on the forums. 

Your post is being reviewed

There are a few reasons your post might be being reviewed, including if you're brand new to TSR, if you're posting anonymously, or if you've talked about something where safety might be concerned. 

What happens now?

Our moderation team will take a look at your post. All posts are reviewed within 24 hours but it's usually much faster than this. 

You'll then get another notification telling your post has been approved, and taking you to it. 

If your post doesn't get approved, or you have any questions about this process, just pop into the Ask the Community Staff forum, where you can privately chat with our moderation team.