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Here are the day in the life guides by IB students. Feel free to add your own following the existing template.

Username: Suicidallemming

Year of Study: Second year of IB.

Subjects of Study: HL Chem, Bio, History. SL English, Spanish, Maths

Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Plan to get up at 7..generally oversleep at get up at quarter past. Grab together various books and folders and money and make some sarnies. Leave at half 7, bus leaves at half 7, run after the bus who then lets me on and tells me to stop being late . Stick the ipod on and sit on the bus for an hour+ depending on traffic, usually with a book we have to read.

So what did you do today? English first thing, 9-10:30, going over the exam papers we did last week, re-reading and acting out the current play we're doing 'translations' did a bit of history into the irish penal laws and religions and stuff, laughed at peoples irish accents etc.. Hike up to 7th floor for biology (10:45-12:15). Our lecturer is hilarious, comes out with some brilliant one-liners..we did not quite so thrilling cell respiration..with a bit of colouring and sticking to help our brains learn. Usually brilliantly interesting lessons..this one not so much.. LUNCH TIME! might think yay, but no. Tutorial at lunch time..out tutor moans at us about sending ucas and about our extended essay...15 minutes left of lunch so we head on up to the 4th floor sit in the corridor and cram some food in while moaning about how little the A level people have to do compared to the IB people..as usual. Chemistry 1:15-2:45, practical time. get out our labcoats which they made us buy , spill indicator all over it for no reason..good start. Doing something with electrodes and their potentials..sound a bit too much like physics to me..and obviously to my chem teacher too, who has no idea what we're doing and so goes and gets the physics guy who mocks us for being chemists manage to scrabble down some pretty decent results before going to maths. Maths 3-4. Nice and short at the end of a long day..but no we're starting coursework supposidly. everyone else does their work (there's like 9 of us tho really) while me and my friend made to-do lists and moan about the ib and how much we have to do. we count how much work we have to do in the next week...25 hours of it lol.. 4:00- supposed freedom. stupid bus doesn't come till half 4..so pop off to starbucks for a coffee and chat. Bus comes, i nearly miss it (as usual) and then finally get home at 6ish .

How do you finish the day after returning from college? its the IB. generally homework for every lesson..tend to do the stuff thats either a) important or b)the teacher will make a fuss if it's not due in. Will always do a bit of spanish or so else I forget it all. Then 9 o clock off to the pub for a chat with my friends who don't do IB and tend to laugh at me a lot when I go home at 11 because I haveeee to sleep lots .

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day college life? Friends deffo...if they weren't there to drag you through the day then there's no way I'd keep going.. also the free periods...allthough rare (2 a week!!!) are amazing, we have our friday afternoon plan of nandos and pucchinos before chemistry..keeps us going haha . Also the fact that 6 months away it'll all be over and we will have survived the IB.


Username: Carrefours

Year of Study: Year One

Subjects of Study: High level subjects: Maths, French, Physics and Geography. Standard level subjects: English and Italian ab initio.""

'Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine: Since I live about twenty five miles away from college, I get up at six a jolly clock to catch the bus at seven thirty. I'm rather slow in the morning. Heh. I have cereal, a cup of green tea (good for stress!) and a newspaper to shout at in the morning. Then I dress, wash and run for the bus. Woot!

So what did you do today? Today was my favourite day of the week - Tuesday. I had double English this morning, in which we had a huge debate about the Sherlock Holmes mysteries we're reading at the moment, and whether Premiership Football is worth its while any more (it was an involved discussion!). After an hour of dispute, we were given an optional text to read (about a Russian Gulag - lovely. I am devouring it as we speak...wink!), and a task to write our own murder mystery. My English teacher is always unpredictable - she can be, as she's teaching the I.B. It doesn't matter if we're not up to scratch yet - we have over a year left until any important exams... I had a free period after this, where I completed some hateful French homework (French HL is great, as long as your teacher isn't a pain in the nethers, and you have the perserverence of a mountaineer) and my considerably more manageable Geography homework (DO take Geography - screw the others, Geography is useful, interesting and quite easy really. Yes there's lots to learn, but nothing compared to History, and the essays are good.). I also enjoyed a spot of sunshine before hounding my friends out for lunch. I had a 'salad pot' (I can buy a small pot full of random goodness for 90p :D) and some green tea, healthy person I am. We also had a lively debate...not so healthy! Next lesson was Theory of Knowledge...which is a mixed lesson really. Sometimes it's exceptional, when we have a fierce argument about unrelated incidents, or sometimes it's exceptionally awful, when the entire class falls asleep and I'm the only one awake out of 28...occasionally including the teachers! It's only 2 hours a week, though, and not terribly demanding. Not like French. Grr. I like this part - double Maths. We went over some Trigonometry questions (baffled to enlightened in just five seconds!) and then moved onto integration. Worms officially exist in Maths, and I also now understand the IBM advert. Happy days...do take Maths HL if you are to Maths as anoraks are to trainspotting - it goes somehow. Ignore the grade Nazis - take it if it makes sense. After more tea, it was time to buzz off home...yes, definitely buzzing. Ha ha.

How do you finish the day after returning from school/college? Oh work :D and work. And work. No, I'm kidding. Since I do most of my homework in my free periods, I'm usually free to dabble into extra curricular...to an extent, as I have to do studying on top of my homework so I can retain the information I'm supposed to learn. On Monday lunchtimes, I play basketball; Tuesday evenings I go to bell ringing practise; Wednesday evenings I play piano; Thursday evenings I either join my PACT team or go for a run, and Friday evenings I go fencing. Don't feel that you must do the same - I have no concept of sleep and am a constant live wire! :)

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form/college life? Tea. All subjects apart from French (at times). The books. Awesome cakes. Eccentric but marvellous friends and teachers. Oh, only one? Sorry, can't do that ;)

Username: SunRiseAtDawn

Year of Study: IB2

Subjects of Study: HL chem, bio, history SL English, Spanish, Math Studies


Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine:

Set the alarm for 7 am. Switch that off! Actually wake up at 7:30. Then rush around the house for breakfast, shower ect. Catch 2 buses which takes about an hour but luckily I get the bus with a few friends.

So what did you do today? Today I have a half day (yay!) but they are my only frees of the week.. first thing English at 9:00 until 10:10. We just went through the books that we had to read over summer, and because I'm new to the class from the fact that I chose to move down from English HL at the end of last year, I just sat in the corner while everyone welcomed me so lovingly <3 second lesson was chemistry with my favourite teacher! Studying organic chemistry (barf) by all linking hands to represent the splitting of double bonds and backbiting. The last for the day is biology. It's only the 1st lesson back in 6th form and we already have a test next lesson which I should be studying for now!! But oh well... Procrastinations the real lesson you learn from the IB right?  ;)

How do you finish the day after returning from school/college?

Get home and as I have no frees the rest of the week I do as much work as my mind can handle, then have a good cry about how my life is over for a year and how stressful things are getting... NAH just joking! ;) but I can feel the work load looming. Also try and spend an hour reading the news/ painting my nails/ drawing or doing anything really that's not on the Sylabbus

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form/college life?

There are only about 45 of us the do the IB so we are like a huge family and everyone is really close and are so lovely! And someone always ends up bringing in cake :D



Username: Curious1231

Year of Study: Graduated in 2014 with 41 points.

Subjects of Study: HL French B, Modern History, Business and Management SL English Lit A, Environmental System and Societies, Mathematical Studies.


Tell us a bit about your daily preparation and morning routine:

Wake up at 0600. Fuck. Eat breakfast. Fuck. Get to school. Fuck.

So what did you do today? Said "Fuck" a lot. Fuck, it was fucking painful.

How do you finish the day after returning from school/college?

Got home. Saw past papers. Fuck. Worked on EE. Fuck. Did practice papers. Fuck. Marked practice papers. Fuck and Fuck. Went to bed. Fuck, I should have done more work.

And finally, can you tell us the best thing about day to day 6th form/college life?

The lack of sleep and the constant need to say fuck whilst the IB is simultaneously fucking you. Genuinely, it's painful, but worth it.