Why doing the IB will give you the edge ahead of results day this summer

IB results day students

Summer starts early if you’re an IB student...

Exam results are done and dusted at the beginning of July, so you can start getting ready for uni and freshers. You get your results six whole weeks before A-level results are out, which means you also have buckets of time if you need to have a re-think your uni options.

Here’s a quick guide to results day and how to make the most of early Adjustment or Clearing opportunities this summer. 

What happens on IB results day?

If you have met your offer UCAS Track will update on IB results day and confirm that you have your place. Time to celebrate! 

If you have your results and not checked UCAS Track but can see you've missed your offer, don't panic! You might still be in with a chance. Check out the I missed my offer but I got in to uni discussion to see what happened last year. 

If you’ve missed your offer there is a possibility that UCAS track will not update. This is because your firm university might have chosen to sit tight and make a decision on your application and confirmed grades once the A-level results have been released. 

Find out what else happens in our full guide to IB results day

Do I have to wait until A-level results day to use Adjustment?

If you have met and exceeded your firm offer and you’re wondering whether you have a chance of a place at another university now is the time to go for it. Remember, you have five days from when your university confirms your firm offer to make the change.

This means you have time to contact the university to discuss whether this could be an option for you, find out about accommodation availability and read up on the city if you haven’t done so already.

For most IB students, your offer will be firmed on results day, 5 July, so you will have until 10 July to make an Adjustment. The final cut-off date for all Adjustment changes is 31 August, even if your university doesn’t firm your offer until 30 August.

If you are offered a place and you confirm that you would like to take it, the university will then change your status in UCAS Track for you. Until this moment you will retain your place at your previously firmed uni.

More expert advice on how to use Adjustment 

Do I have to wait until A-level results day to use Clearing?

If your firm and insurance uni reject you UCAS Track will update to confirm your Clearing number. You don’t have to wait for A-level results day and you can then search for a new course and apply through Clearing immediately. 

We recommend you don’t rush, remember you have plenty of time and it’s worth making a list of courses you’re interested in. 

Read our expert tips on how to find the course you want in Clearing

Do universities prefer the IB qualification over A-levels

The majority of universities will not have a preference in which qualification you have. Instead they’ll want to know how the past two years will benefit you at university and why you are interested in becoming part of their uni community. 

Make it clear that to study towards the IB you have to be amazingly organised and focused. Managing six subjects on top of an extended essay, ToK and CAS is hard work – but you did it! The range of subjects you’ve had to study has given you a brilliantly well-rounded and diverse education.

Remember you’ve kept up your numeracy skills, have a language under your belt and excellent analysis and essay writing skills. Now is the time to share all of this and how it’s benefited you and what independent study skills you’ll bring in to your uni study. 


When will Clearing open this year?

Clearing opens on the 5 July this year and the course search will be regularly updated leading up to A-level results day on Thursday, 16 August. It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on it! 

Which universities will be in Clearing this year?

Last year the majority of UK universities had courses in Clearing and we suspect it will be very similar this year. On IB results day last year 14 out of 24 Russell Group universities announced places on 2,500 courses. These included Durham University, Univeristy of Surrey, Univeristy of Exeter and Univeristy of East Anglia.

Find out which other Russell Group universitites had places in clearing last year.

Read our top 10 tips on using Clearing this summer.

How should I contact the uni and what do I say?

Remember you get your results at the beginning of summer so you have plenty of time. There is no need to get on the phone, blurt out your situation and beg for a place. 

Universities will have their Clearing hotline running from the beginning of July, some will operate an instant web messenger service. There is also no reason why you can’t email them initially to enquire about the course you’re interested in and find out a little bit more information. 

Here are the four things you need to say on a Clearing phone call.

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