Starting an international business career with ESCP Europe

Fancy starting a business career by studying in Spain? Or how about going to Italy, France or Germany? Well, perhaps you don’t need to pick just one.

At almost 200-years-old, ESCP Europe is the oldest business school in the world. Founded in Paris in 1819, the institution now has four more campuses across Europe: in London, Berlin, Madrid and Torino. The school is currently ranked second in the UK and 10th in Europe by the Financial Times.

But students at ESCP Europe don’t simply plump for a single campus and stick with it. The school encourages a cross-campus international education, with its students spending time in at least two countries during their qualification.

The Student Room caught up with three current students to find out more about their experience of studying at ESCP Europe.


Master in European Business 

A former professional sailor and magazine editor, Lamberto Cesari previously attended top Italian business school Bocconi in Milan and is now studying for a Master in European Business (MEB), a programme based on an MBA-style curriculum with a cross-cultural approach, at ESCP Europe. 

"I chose ESCP Europe because of the international perspective and its excellent reputation in the business world," says Lamberto. 

"But it was also because the MEB was the exact programme I was looking for: a one-year postgraduate management course, with the possibility of living in two European capitals. I could have even chosen to go further abroad and study in Asia, Latin America or Russia. 

"I decided to spend the first semester in London and my second semester in Berlin. It’s an incredible opportunity, from both a personal and professional perspective.

"It gives me the chance to live in two of the best and most youthful European cities, as well as opening up working opportunities in both countries."

Lamberto highlights the range and complexity of the topics covered – "everything from business strategy to operations, from marketing to finance" – as an outstanding feature of his course.

On top of that, students are able to get involved in real-world business. As well as providing the opportunity to take on a 12-week professional internship, the MEB includes two professional consultancy projects, with students tasked with solving real problems for real clients. The diversity of classes in terms of regional, professional and academic backgrounds makes this really challenging. 

"Working on the consultancy projects enables a deeper understanding," says Lamberto. "It lays the foundations for me to work and specialise in different sectors, as well as being a strong entrepreneurial education."

Despite being kept busy with his studies, Lamberto hasn’t had to give up his sailing. 

"At the moment, I am part of Challenge Italia, a team based in Palermo, Sicily, which is aiming to win the next Little America’s Cup in Falmouth in September 2013. 

"To live and study in London and sail in Palermo, I have to carefully organise my time. It is something I am used to since being an undergraduate!"


Master in Management

Students on other courses at ESCP Europe share Lamberto's enthusiasm about the internationally focused education they receive.

Israeli Ron Jarosinski, who also has German nationality, studied finance in Berlin before joining the Master in Management (MIM) degree. It’s a two-year qualification, during which Ron will study in three countries and take on two internships. The course is placed second worldwide in the 2012 Financial Times Master in Management rankings. 

"I'm currently studying at ESCP Europe’s London campus," he says. "Next year I'll move to Paris, then to Berlin. Upon graduation I'd like to enter the financial world.

"I chose ESCP Europe because it offers case-study based teaching in an international environment that supports diversity."

For Ron, the educational benefits of his course are matched by the exposure to the cultures and experiences of other countries.

"It gives me the chance to improve my foreign languages," he says. "I would like to improve my French to A-level standard, enabling me to talk about business in French. 

"When you arrive at one of the ESCP Europe campuses you don't feel like you’re in a French school. It feels like a European business school, which aims to strengthen Europe by creating graduates that can understand cultural differences and enjoy them."


Master in Marketing and Creativity

Evita Karfi, from Greece has completed her studies at ESCP Europe and is now doing an internship in Paris at Landor. 

"Before starting my Master in Marketing and Creativity at ESCP Europe, I studied for a Bachelor degree in Economics in the UK. Having a solid economic background, I worked in London in different industries such as fashion and food retail in order to enhance my professional experience," she says. 

"Being able to study in different countries was one of my top selection criteria when deciding to join ESCP Europe. 

"Being exposed to this multicultural environment is what makes it so unique. During my Master I had the opportunity to study at the London and Paris campuses - two of the most creative and culturally rich cities in the world."

Looking back on her time spent studying at ESCP, Evita is filled with enthusiasm.

"Studying at ESCP Europe was a great moment in my life, a stimulus to my future professional career," she says.

"Throughout my course I had the opportunity to attend different creative seminars and marketing-related modules, observing best-practice cases from industries all around the world. 

"The guest speakers from big-brand names such as Lego, eBay or Cartier shared their expertise and gave us valuable advice and insights for each industry. It was also very interesting to talk to them about how they handle everyday pressures and the challenges that arise."

As well as her studies, Evita was able to take on extra-curricular activities that took her even further afield.

"At ESCP Europe, we founded Marketing For Change. It is a non-profit student organisation that helps communities recognise and act on self-sustainable market opportunities," she says.

"As a member of Marketing For Change, I was able to join a group of volunteers on a trip to Uganda, where we helped a local community with their entrepreneurial projects."

Along with Lamberto and Ron, Evita knows the international education she has received at ESCP Europe will stand her in good stead for the future.

"My hope is to become more competitive in the professional industry; equipped with unique techniques and knowledge," she says. 

"Also, upon the completion of my Master at ESCP Europe I am entering a strong and solid alumni network totalling 40,000 across the globe; successful professionals who can advise me about my future and share their knowledge with me."

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