The top five reasons to consider a career in online marketing

Interested in working with big brands and top companies in a challenging, creative environment? You might like to investigate what online marketing can offer. Here are just a few reasons why...

1- It's a growing industry

growing industry

You'll have noticed that technology is evolving all the time and that there's a new must-have device every six or seven minutes. Technology is constantly changing the way companies communicate with their customers and digital marketers work on the front line, where customer and company meet.

If you've ever clicked an ad on any social media platform, you'll almost certainly have been responding to some kind of online marketing campaign. The ads you see are often aimed directly at you based on your age, where you are, your browsing habits and more. 

By joining an online marketing agency you can get involved in that process. Agencies like Forward3D work with clients including Jack Wills, Gucci and New Look to create imaginative, effective campaigns that really grab people's attention. 


2 – There are lots of benefits

lots of benefits

The work online marketers do demands both analytical and creative skills, meaning there's plenty of variety in the job. Depending on where you end up, agencies can also offer unique working environments – you'll have heard about the slides at Google HQ, no doubt, while others like Forward3D offer games rooms, free bars and music studios.

There are other perks, too, according to Phillip Blaydes, recruitment manager at Forward3D. “Online marketing is one of the fastest growing industries,” he says. “Due to the fast growth there's a skill shortage, meaning wage inflation and a glut of alternative employment on tap. Digital marketing is also constantly evolving and improving so every year of your career will be different.” So you could be in demand, well paid, stimulated by your job....and have a games room in the office. Not too shabby.


3 – There's training available


The nature of the digital marketing industry means that it's evolving all the time, so no-one expects you to wander in with lots of direct experience. You don't always need a degree: companies will be looking for the basic skills (numeracy, an analytical mind, a professional approach) that they can work with to turn you into a highly skilled online marketer.

Employers will tend to offer a range of schemes to help you learn the ropes. Forward3D, for example, have their own training programme to help develop new talent and Phillip explains that they don't expect you to be the finished article when you arrive. “Potential is far more important! We'd rather teach you from scratch.”

4 – There are opportunities for grads from different disciplines

If you have a degree (or you're coming to the end of one), you might find that it's already given you some of the transferable skills online marketing agencies look for. Graduating in a maths or science subject? You might have the aptitude to be a pay-per-click marketer. Coming from a creative degree? You might be a social or outreach manager in waiting. 

You could even have developed relevant skills away from your studies. Blogging in your spare time is a great way of learning how to create pages that show up on search engines – which is a vital part of online marketing. However, your qualifications are just part of it – an agency will want people who fit in, so your personality counts for a lot. “Attitude is the key to everything!” says Phillip. 

5 – You'll work in a diverse industry

Diverse Industries

Online marketing is big business all around the world. For users in the UK the default search engine might be Google, but in Russia it's Yandex; the Chinese use Baidu; and in South Korea, Naver has the most users. 

In other words, there are lots of different audiences for online marketing, each requiring local knowledge and expertise. If you work with an international agency you’ll have the chance to meet, learn from and work alongside people from all over the world, providing a rich, rewarding and diverse career. 

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