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Job Application

I qualified as a Social Worker in July 1998 and began my professional career working for Suffolk Social Services in a Children and Families team in Tower Street. Shortly after, I joined the 'duty team' which preceded Customer First. During that year I became increasingly experienced dealing with initial referrals and conducting investigations. I also gained valuable experience holding case responsibility of a varying and complex nature which included care proceedings and adoption.

In April 2000 I joined the Immediate Needs team working in East Ipswich. During the last 2 years I have broadened and consolidated my skills and knowledge of Child Protection and investigative work and I believe have gained in confidence and maturity as a practitioner

I feel I have demonstrated an ability to work with partner agencies in a manner which prioritises the customer and is child focussed. My assessment skills are good and I understand the value of networking within the professional setting with an end view of providing better outcomes for families

I have the personal skills to cope with sustained pressure which is a feature of Immediate Need social work and I believe I am able to respond to a challenging range of presented needs and appropriately prioritise conflicting demands according to assessed risk and customer need

Working within the department for four years has enabled me to undertake the full range of in house training courses including the Joint Investigation training in 2001. As part of my personal and professional development I have also requested to attend other courses run by outside agencies

I have a solid knowledge of the legislation which underpins our practice and am confident operating within this framework. I have taken an interest in emerging practice issues and as part of this new role would hope to further contribute to its development within the team

I feel I work well in a team and recognise that team dynamics and culture play a large part in determining job satisfaction and ultimately productivity. I would be committed to working through with the team what everyone's expectations would be of a senior worker within a small unit

My interpersonal skills are very good and I am able to communicate effectively with customers , professionals and colleagues, my report writing is of a high standard and I am confident using the compass system

I feel I already pass on my knowledge and skills to other practitioners and share information on a regular basis. I would welcome the opportunity to further develop this role within my existing team.


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