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Supporting Information The Commonwealth Games gave me the opportunity to work on my priority setting skills in that some deadlines were set months in advance and others introduced along the way meaning reassessment of priorities

For my degree study all coursework had to be completed to a set deadline and I did not hand in one piece of work late or needed an extension

In my work for Showsec International I have a supervisory role in which I may be responsible for between two and twenty members of staff, the events we cover range from football matches to firework displays. There are some jobs in which you may be in a field on a cold night but I still encourage and set an example to the staff to be professional and hard working at all times

Since graduating from university I have been partaking in voluntary work for ROFTRA and Rochdale AFC's Football in the Community summer programme. For both agencies I have been assisting in the coaching of football to under 16 year olds. ROFTRA football sessions are free and attract a large variety of participants ranging from those who play for clubs, to those that are unwilling to participate

For a second year university module I had to plan and organise an event. I chose to take a group of students and teachers from the local comprehensive school the meet and greet the backroom and playing staff of the Manchester Storm then follow this up by watching the game later that day. In preparation for this event I had to negotiate with the Manchester Storm times, people interviewed and topics of discussion and also plan the day with the school - transportation, guardians and groups. On the day I had to be there ensuring the smooth running of the event

My budget managing experience comes from being the chairperson of the International Society at university. I was responsible for a termly budget and had to plan and advertise events such as music showcases, cooking contests, poetry nights and arts shows. With that responsibility I had to be extravagant but also prudent with the funds for the society and I feel that there was a fair balance gained from the expenditure of the funds

I undertook a secondment into the Showsec Special Events office for the contract of the Commonwealth Games, my role in this office involved working closely and often relying upon booking colleagues, external event managers and senior supervisors. The smooth running of events and sites was gained from the relevant staff and necessary actions being taken. I had to rely on my networking skills in those situations and they brought personal success that I would like to repeat while working for Manchester Leisure

As I have two younger sisters and many younger cousins I am often appropriately utilised to advise my younger siblings on issues relating to growing up today. Sometimes parents and older adults are not appropriate in dealing with problems affecting today's youths and I think my youthful knowledge helps me in personal and professional capacities

My voluntary work has provided me with the knowledge of keeping young people occupied to aid retention in sporting activities. Simple gestures such as getting a child to assist the coach in setting up a session will keep them attentive and give them an incentive to take part. When planning activities I aim to make them accessible to individuals of all backgrounds and social groups

I will be willing to undertake any required police or background check and also have a full clean UK driving licence and my own means of transport

I am open minded to other peoples beliefs and opinions and understand that differences in opinions should not be held against colleagues or service users. I am a very good team player, which I think comes from playing team sports for over 10 years

I have always understood and appreciated the diverse nature of society in which race, age, religion, gender, religion, sexual orientation or nationality is not used to judge and everyone is treated with fairness, respect and sensitiveness

The Manchester City Council 'can do' culture also applies to Julian Kumah's focus on quality service delivery as I always look to achieve the highest standards and raise the barrier. I internally have the desire to succeed at all things that I partake in especially looking at the successes of my older family members

I will be willing to undertake any courses that Manchester Leisure and partners find appropriate for me to attend for my personal and professional development. I have already initiated the process of attending sport specific courses including football, basketball and gymnastics.


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