Education and teaching

Education and teaching is a very large career option with several thousand new people training in this field every year.

The options for different careers are vast. You could teach many different subjects to many different age ranges. You are not just limited to schools either. You could teach in many different places such as prisons or hospitals. You may not even end up as a career a teacher, but in more general education, such as education officer in a museum.

If you think teaching is for you, why not read up one of our teaching articles to find out more?


  • Education Degree - many people study for a degree partly involving education. Find out about admission to education degrees and what the course could lead on to.



  • Routes into Teaching - an education degree is not the only route into teaching. Read up on the many different ways to becoming a teacher to see which one is best for you.


  • Education and Teaching Personal Statements - if you've decided to become a teacher or study for an education degree you will need to write a personal statement at some point in the application process. Read the sample education PSs to get an idea of what to include in yours.


  • Useful Teaching Resources - whether you're training to be a teacher or have already qualified, use this list to find some great resources online and share your own finds with others.