Special education needs teacher

Special education teachers (SEN) work with children or yound adults who suffer from learning difficulties, including physical, sensory, emotional, language or behavioural difficulties.

Key responsibilities as a special education needs teacher:


  • Teaching smaller groups of students with various education needs.
  • Preparation and delivery of lessons that cater to the wide ranging abilities of the class.
  • Ensuring a safe and comfortable learning environment, allowing for full learning potential to be reached.
  • Regular assessments and feedback to colleagues and carers/parents.
  • Meeting with other contacts where appropriate (doctors, carers/parents, speech or behavioural therapists, physiotherapists etc) to ensure learning methods are tailored to the student’s needs.
  • Organising activities, classroom displays and class trips
  • Assisting with the care and medical requirements of those severely disabled
  • Attending meetings and in-service training

A good special education needs teacher:


  • Desire to help those needing specific
  • Are able to adapt the National Curriculum to individuals where required.
  • Strong in dealing with challenging situations
  • Knowledge of various learning methods to suit the individual.
  • Ability to use initiative when planning learning methods.
  • Calm, patient manner