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The web has a huge range of really useful teaching resources which can aid both teachers and trainees a like in preparing their lessons and developing as a teacher. As a trainee teacher however you might not know where to find all the great things out there. Doing an online search can lead to hundreds of thousands of results, making it difficult to sort out the best resources from the long list.

So here we have a list of useful teaching links submitted by teachers and trainee teachers. Please fell free to add to the list if you make use of a website or online resource that we don't link to here. We'd also like little reviews of each site on here saying what you can expect to find at each link and how good/useful it is.

Thanks need to be given to santogold for originally creating this list on the forums.

General Education Resources

General Information

Guidance on Teaching and Learning



Teacher Training

Getting jobs


Multiple Key Stage Lesson Resources


Borough Learning Platforms and National Grids for Learning (accessible for all)

Subject-Specific Resources

English Resources

Mathematics Resources

Science Resources

Arts Subjects Resources

Humanities Subjects Resources

Other Subjects Resources

Non-English Education

English as an Additional Language

Special Educational Needs

Non-Lesson Resources

  • PGL - For school trips

Primary School Resources

Government Documentation

General EYFS/KS1/KS2 Resources

Interactive White Board-Specific Resources

General EYFS/KS1 Resources

General KS2 Resources

Rewards and Classroom

Subject-Specific Resources

English/Literacy Resources

Phonics and Spelling Resources

Numeracy Resources

Science Resources

Arts Subjects Resources

Humanities Subjects Resources

Other Subjects Resources

Other Sites

Secondary School Resources

Other Secondary Info

Useful Technology

These links could be used across key stages and subjects - and may even be useful outside the classroom altogether!

Education News Sites

There are a number of news websites which have education sections. These are useful for teachers to keep up with the latest things affecting teachers and for you to hear about anything really useful you might be able to use in your lessons:

Discussion Forums

  • Teaching Forum - For teaching questions - get ideas for lessons and share ideas with others.

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