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  • Raf officer branch: logistics

Job description: Manage the movement of personnel, stock control, aircraft, freight, fuel, explosives and technical equipment, or deliver catering and hospitality services. (Now incorporates what used to be Catering Officer)

Pay after training: £29,580

Joining age: 17.5 – 29

Category: Officers

Usual service: 9 years

Open to: men or women

Similar civilian jobs: Supply Chain and Distribution Manager Catering and Hospitality Manager Airlift Operations Manager IT Consultant Project Manager

Qualifications you need: 2 A-levels (at grade A-C) or 3 Highers or equivalent. 5 GCSEs/SCEs at Grade C/3 minimum, or equivalent, including English language and maths. Please note: the RAF does not accept A-levels in Critical Thinking or General Studies at any grade.

Qualifications you can gain: Professional qualifications; degree or Masters degree Nationality: Citizen of the UK or the Republic of Ireland, or a Commonwealth citizen since birth

The job

As a Logistics Officer, you’ll be responsible for providing all the logistics support that’s necessary to keep our aircraft flying. Leading a team of airmen/women, you’ll manage the supply chain from beginning to end, including the purchasing and storage of equipment, the use of complex IT management systems and the distribution of equipment by land, sea and air on a global scale. You’ll also deliver catering and hospitality services to RAF personnel both in the UK and overseas.

Required degrees for Logistics Branch sponsorshipBachelors Degrees

1. Preference (in no particular order) will be given to degrees in:

■Information Technology ■Business Studies/Administration ■Logistics ■Supply Chain Management ■Transportation Management ■Catering and/or Hospitality Management ■Purchasing ■Procurement/Acquisition ■Airport and/or Airline Management ■Chemistry ■Nutrition

2. Furthermore, subjects that generate analytical skills, or an understanding of military or government policy, are acceptable. Such subjects include the following, although this list is not exhaustive:

■Mathematics ■Economics ■Public Policy and Management ■War Studies ■International Relations ■Marketing

3. Additional weight could be given to any degree course that meets the criteria and is also combined with a foreign language such as French, German, Italian or Arabic.

4. Degrees outside the above guidelines should be discussed with the Logistics Branch Sponsor, via an AFCOArmed Forces Careers Office, to determine their acceptability to the Branch for the purpose of University Bursary awards.

Masters Degrees

5. Where an applicant HASHardened Aircraft Shelter not previously been granted a bursary and meets all other criteria for selection to the RAF, one year masters degrees in the subjects outlined above will also be eligible.