Assessment centres

Assessment centres

Assessment days are used by larger companies to look at and compare candidates over a longer period of time. They are often used as the final stage of graduate scheme assessments. They often provide opportunities to meet with with current staff and ask more about the role.

Assessment days occasionally extend for 2 or 3 days, dependent on the employer. They are a great form of assessment from the candidate’s point of view, as you will be assessed by a number of different people from the company, meaning that if you do not click with one, it is not the end of the world.

At assessment days it is important to show enthusiasm and co-operation. Although you are competing against the people you may have group exercises with, it is important to show that you can work well with other people, without stabbing them in the back. Make sure you dress smartly, and remember that you are being assessed at all times, even over dinner and in the bar afterwards. Use these times as an opportunity to make yourself memorable good conversation, rather than drinking the bar dry.

What happens at an assessment day?

All assessment days will consist of different components, but there are similar ones that are likely to appear at most. It is also likely that you will be sent a timetable in advance, to enable you to prepare. There will be group tasks, which are designed to show leadership aptitude, and also how well you work with other people. There will also be an individual interview, which may consist of competency questions. There may also be presentations, role plays, personality tests, and aptitude tests (including verbal and numerical reasoning).

You can learn exactly what to expect at an assessment centre here: