Risk assessing… the life of a uni student

Uni can be risky business. Whether it’s weighing up the pros and cons of that last shot of tequila (spoiler alert: it’s never a good idea) or trying to suss out just how late you can leave starting that essay, it’s all a balancing act between fun and getting those all-important grades. But it’s not always easy to figure out when something is worth the gamble, so we’ve put together a fun quiz to help you find out if you have a knack for assessing risky situations or if you’re an in-the-moment type of person.

Can you spot a risk?

That quiz was a fun way to find out how good you are at identifying risks. Not everyone has the knack for it, but people who do could find a career as an actuary incredibly satisfying. Not every risk is a matter of life and death – but some are, and that’s where actuaries come in. An actuary uses data analysis and strategic thinking to measure the probability and risk of future events. Actuaries can work in a wide range of areas, including banking, insurance, healthcare, pensions, investment and much more, and enjoy great salaries and the satisfaction of working in a diverse and highly respected profession.

The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) is always looking for students with strong mathematical and analytical skills to pursue a career as an actuary. If you’re studying a numerate subject like maths, statistics, economics, engineering or physics and you’re aiming for a 2.1 or higher, you could be exactly what IFoA is looking for. Think you’ve got what it takes? You can find out more about becoming an actuary on the IFoA website.

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