Six reasons why you should do a summer internship


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Ah the summer holidays. You’ve just finished your exams and you’re ready to make it a summer to remember. You start off with a long list of all the amazing things you’re going to do over the break, but unfortunately, we can all be guilty of letting time fly by too quickly. Let’s be honest, you don’t want to get to the end of the summer and realise all you’ve achieved is that you’ve watched Game of Thrones in its entirety four times over. So to give you a bit of summer inspo, we’ve broken down why doing an internship could help you make the most of your break.

CV boost

While having a degree, A-levels or GCSEs can increases your employability, they sadly don't guarantee that you'll get a job once you have completed your studies. Yes getting good grades does help, but as qualifications like degrees become more and more popular, most employees are looking for some sort of experience, even if it’s not in that sector you ultimately end up in. Not only does doing an internship show initiative, but it also demonstrates that you care about your future. A summer internship is a great foundation for your career, giving you experience from outside of your degree, which might help you score that oh so magical first graduate job.

Test the water.

Choosing a career path can be overwhelming, so why not try out different areas of your chosen sector to see what suits you. Being in the nitty gritty allows you to see what your day to day duties could potentially be and help you figure out which elements of the job you like, giving you a better idea of which career path you want to venture down. During your internship you’ll do a bit of everything, you can dip your toe into roles that you may not have previously considered and rule out ones that aren't quite the right fit. It can also take some of the pressure off when the “what are you doing after you graduate” conversation crops up as you will have a clearer idea of what kind of career is your cup of tea.


Build confidence

Finishing your education and going out into the workplace can be a bit scary, but if you have some experience behind you, it can make taking that first big step a tad less intimidating. Making the investment of an internship will give you a better idea of what to expect and if you have really thrown yourself into it, you will feel more prepared for graduate life. However, it is important to remember that there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, so be cautious not to cross that. From public speaking to contributing to meetings, gaining this kind of experience in the work place will help transform your confidence.


While you may not end up working for the company you’re interning for, it’s always great to make connections. Whether you end up expanding your network or find a mentor, completing an internship can be the first step in building relationships within your respective industry. If you work hard, you can use the company as reference or you could even end up meeting your future employer. It’s a great way for you to open some doors and can act as a resource for getting career advice.

Test your knowledge and skills.

Whether it’s working in a team or showing off your presentation skills, internships are a great opportunity to apply any skills or experience you have developed during your studies. Being in the workplace, you are expected to be critical, analytical and think independently, all of which are skills you gain while completing your studies. You can also see which parts of your studies apply to the workplace and ultimately, it’s a great practice run for the real world.

A good time.

Overall, an internship is a great way to spend your summer. Not only will you leave more employable, prepared and more knowledgeable, but you might meet friends for life or even discover your future career. It’ll be what you make it, so why not give one a go!

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