Experience of fast food chain jobs


Username: sa05

Everyone knows the American subway franchise, we make 'fresh' sandwiches etc. I've been working weekends for 3 months now, and its not so bad. I was 16 when I started, the pay at £5.05 an hour, which is what everyone gets. Tasks include making sandwiches (of course) but there is also a lot of food preparation, table cleaning, sweeping, and washing (trays and containers). Free drinks throughout the shift and a foot long sandwich for every shift, but that differs between every store. There is no contract, hours are arranged by the manager weekly so for example, I have exams for the next month, so I asked the manager not to give me any hours for a couple of weekends. Its good, but it also means that you don't have set hours each week, so one week you could be only working 8 hours a weekend but the next could be 16. Its not an easy job, everyone has to share and delegate tasks, and you will definitely be on your feet for hours on end. Customers are usually nice and friendly so the atmosphere is good as there is a lot of interaction as they choose their salad and some sales uprising techniques are involved.


McDonald's 1

Username: jacketpotato

I've worked at McDonalds since I finished my GCSEs five years ago.

The starting pay depends on the restaurant, but expect to start on around £4.50 if you are 16 or around £5.50 if you are 18-21. However, your work gets reviewed after 2 weeks, your pay will then rise according to how you well you did. If you did very well, expect to see a fairly big jump in your pay after only 2 weeks, and at regular intervals after that. The benefits are also quite good: discounts on ipods, McDonalds, Dell etc. and private health insurance after 3 years. The hours are extremely flexible - much more so than any supermarket - and consequently you have the opportunity to work more hours at times more convenient to you.

The job is definitely more challenging than most other part-time jobs. You do sometimes deal with stroppy customers and there is a lot to juggle: there is more to the job than meets the eye, it is definitely not the easiest student job around. In terms of experience, its very much you get out what you put in. There is an enormous amount to be gained if you show yourself as capable and willing. I have got the opportunity to train people, deal with customer complaints, do cash control, am now a shift manager and have done all sorts of other things. Working for McDonald's is definitely one of the best things I have ever done and my experiences look great on the CV: it was a hot-topic for my Cambridge interview and was by far the most talked about topic in my interviews for jobs at top law firms. I can vouch for the fact that employers do recognise McDonalds as one of the best part-time jobs to have in terms of what you learn from it.

McDonald's 2

Username: NickyP

I started working at McDonald's as soon as I finished my GCSEs, which was nearly 2 years ago now. I know a lot of people look down on McDonald's, and it is often the butt of jokes, but I wouldn't want to work anywhere else.

In company owned stores at the moment, 16 year olds start on £4.25 an hour, over 18 year olds start on £4.65 and over 21s start on £5.55 (In franchised stores pay can vary). I agree that it's not th best pay in the world, and it's not really fair how people get paid different amounts for doing the same job, but after a 3 week probationary period there are regular opportunities for pay rises and there is the chance to be promoted to a Staff Trainer after 3 months or so, which can lead to an hourly rate starting at £5.55. The next step after this is Shift Manager, which usually takes about 3 years to reach but has a starting pay of about £7 an hour.

The hours are really flexible, to the extent where you can almost specify exactly when you want to work. All employees are employed under the same contract, so there aren't strictly part time and full time employees, which is good as everybody is treated equally, and even if you only work 8 hours a week you are treated the same as somebody who works 30 hours per week. Also, this means everybody has the opportunity to be trained in every position in the store, such as in the kitchen and on a till, for example. The job isn't as easy as it might seem, as there is a lot of hard work to do "behind the scenes", but the friendly atmosphere is great and everybody knows everybody. Another good point is that there are McDonald's stores everywhere, so you can transfer to other stores quite easily if you move away for university!

McDonald's 3

Username: rt

McDonalds as you probally already know is quite a big establishment, two thirds of our staff are between 16 and 20 years of age so you can probally guess it a popular job for young people to apply. You can apply online which is easy and accessible and this is the thing that pushed me to make the move as it didn't require the effort of going into the store and asking for an application form!

It's quite a good atmosphere among the majority of the staff and providing you're at the right store you will have a fun time. Some stores perform better than others and that's usually down to who is running the store. A lot of the staff at McDonalds only stay for a few months because it's only a part-time job and the wages are probally not good for some and some of you probally want to concentrate on your studies. It can get quite hectic at times and you have to be able to react quickly and serve customers and produce food fast and efficently, you will be trained to do this. If you aren't then make sure you nag for the training.

If you decide to stay on their is quite a good 'career' path lined up. Potentially, you could become a business manager one day who's on 45 grand a year and has a company car - a lot of responsibility and a good salary, eh!? Before that, you can become a staff trainer who will be on 5.55 an hour or a shift manager which basically is running a shift and making sure everything is running well, handling complaints and quite alot of other responsiblity too. I'd recommend this job to anyone as I am thinking of staying on full-time, just be confident, polite, fast and efficent and you'll do fine. Feel free to ask me any questions.

McDonald's 4

Username: emilyystar

If your looking for a part time job and need it quickly-McDonalds is probably your best option! Its easy and fast to apply online and if your application is successful, they get back to you in about two weeks after your application date. This is a plus point as many other employers dont get back to applicants!

Working in McDonalds is good fun. The work you'll have to do (cleaning, cooking, dealing with customers and having to be fast and efficient), is not difficult but can be demanding, but you will be trained for all situations which may arise! If you feel underconfident speak to your shift manager and they should give you a little bit more training if needs be! The other members of the crew are perhaps the best part of working in Mcdonalds! Due to a large amount of part time staff being aged 16-20 years old, your chances of having people to 'hang out' with on breaks is incredibly high. They can also give you some help and advice if you face any difficulties during your shift. And for those of you interested- they do make good Facebook friends!

McDonalds is perhaps the most flexible emploer in terms of shift times. You can decide on your availability- if you can only do one day a week then thats fine. If you can only do weekends thats fine too! And you can practically choose and set your own shift times! I've only been working there for nearly two months now, and they put me on the 7-3 shift Saturday and Sunday. If you have any difficulties with shift times speak to your manager who should be able to swap you around with another crew member.

And the final part of this is wages. Im not too sure about the over 18 rate of hourly pay but as someone who is under 18 I recieve £4.25 an hour and earn about £60 every weekend. Thats £240 a month! McDonalds pay every two weeks directly into your bank account and this again is another plus point to working in McDonalds as you dont have to wait until the end of the month to get paid!

Domino's Pizza

"Username": Fionajane1

I have worked at Domino's for about a year and a half now, mainly taking customer orders, and like any job, it's got it's good points and bad points.

Interview: I was lucky as the store was just opening, and they needed new staff, so I had my interview pretty soon after I gave in the application form. I had a brief chat with the manager, and was sent up for a training day in an existing store a few days later. However, they hadn't expected me there, and had very little for me to do, before sending me back to the other store to fill out a few forms.

Training: Very disorganised. I had a couple of hours training in the office, then was sent out on the front desk, with someone to watch me, but he had no interest in helping me out at all. The next day, the had someone different, who was very helpful, watch over me. When I was first on my own though, I forgot to put on one of the deals - while my manager was behind me - oops! My advice, study the menu closely, especially the deals, and keep one with you for the first few days.

Hours: In my store, the shifts came out every week on a rota. This annoys me, as I feel like I can't plan anything in advance. However, they are generally flexible about swapping shifts and things like that. Also, we don't have contracted finishing times, just whenever it gets quiet, and I'm lucky to get 2 hours a night! When there is a deal on, you'll probably get more hours, and you can ask for extra time for things like leafletting, advertising, things like that. However, it does get very busy when there is a deal on.

Pay: Rubbish. Most people are on just over minimum wage - I get £5 an hour. I have heard the drivers complain that the petrol money can be a little unfair as well.

Other things: I've made good friends with some of the people who work there, and we all stand and chat during a quiet period. Talking on the phone really boosted my confidence, customers can treat you like you're stupid at times, but don't let it get you down. we also have to do callbacks - where you phone up the customers from last night and ask then how there pizza was - this can feel awkward at first, but just grin and bare it, and they'll be done in no time.