Experience of other jobs


Username: Angelil

I babysat when I was 14 (in 2000) until I was 18 (2004), mostly for children at the age of 2 to 10. I mainly babysat in my area and many of the neighbours had known me while I was growing up and so they trusted me to look after their own children. If you don't have this advantage you could try advertising in local schools or local newspapers. I started at 14 mainly because this is the guideline given by the NSPCC, and started by giving me £3 an hour. As I got older this gradually went up, depending on the family, and by the time I was 18 I was on a minimum of £5 an hour, but was mostly charging more like £6-£10 an hour (though this was said to be reasonable to increase your hourly rate by a couple of pounds after midnight). Keep your rates low when you are first starting, especially if you have no prior experience with children. Sometimes jobs could start quite early (5-6pm) and end reasonably (at 10-11pm) but at other times it was occasionally more extreme (such as starting at 8 and finishing at 12 or 1, or starting at 10 and finishing at 2 or 3). You do have to be good with children in terms of entertaining and occasionally disciplining them, meaning that a sense of humour as well as firmness will stand you in good stead, as will knowledge of basic first aid, just in case. This is an enjoyable job that can be lucrative and fun, as well as being relatively easy to obtain even if the work is not always regular, although it can at times be boring, challenging and tiring.

Customer Service Assistant

Username: Don John

I've worked at Bridgemere Garden World since September 2007 when i started college, and i work one day a week, saturday or sunday, usually 8am til 6pm. I get £3.74 (terrible) which will go up to £4.77 when i turn 18. the job is easy, and is much like working in a supermarket to be honest. the day drags and the pittence of a wage is depressing, but it is less than 5 minutes from my house in the car, and they are generally good with offering overtime.

Kids Holiday club playworker assistant

Username: rainbowworld

I started working at a local holiday club during school holidays when I tuned 16 after volunteering there for a while. I love kids so it was a great job and I get to work with mainstream and special needs children. The staff are great and are all young and mainly at uni as it makes a great holiday job for them. We often go on staff trips bowling etc!

It's good pay at £6ph going up to £6.17ph when i'm 18. The best thing is it's really flexible - you sign up for days you can do and your given shifts on those days when they need you. Your needed less when your under 18 as you can only do certain jobs as you can't be alone with children. Due to them deciding when they need you/ some holidays being short some long and having holidays every 6 weeks pay is really unreliable. You get paid after the month you work in but some months you get nothing if there was no holiday in the previous month and sometime you get loads (like in september after the summer holidays) but you never know how much work you'll get/how much money so I needed to have a more reliable job too.

Working with kids is really fun and challenging but is a great job and is really enjoyable with the staff and management being lovely people. It's stressful when ofstead come round but otherwise it's chilled out and relaxed. I wouldn't leave this job for the world and it's great as I can carry on doing I through uni etc and its very versitile. I would recomend the job to anyone if you like kids but it's hard to get into as you do need some experience with children.

You have to change some children and deal with some bad behaviour and disipline them a bit but it's totally worth it!

I'd give the job 10/10 - the main downside being it's hard to get into and you may need another job with hours that are set so you don't run out of money sometimes, but it's a super job - much better than working in a shop for sure.

I would advise anyone looking for jobs with children to look at childcare jobs instead of lesuire jobs - e.g working with kids at a play centre would be lesuire as their parents are still there but afterschool clubs etc is child care. You normally need more experience for childcare but many places will train you up etc as long as you show enthusiasm. Basically though childcare is alot better paid and you get to spend more time actually with the kids. I spoke to a manager of a play centre about a job and they could only offer 4 hours a week at £4ph due to it being lesuire and not childcare and being weather dependent as the centre was inside and only got business whe it rained. Definitely go for jobs looking after children if you like children and don't mind washing/tidying up abit as you will love it.

Restaurant Cleaner

Username: Atrixa

I started working as a cleaner at Toby Carvery when I was 17, not the most glamourous of jobs, but it fit well around my college hours when I had later lessons. The hours weren't great- the max possible was 14 hours a week, if you came in every morning. I did 8 hours per week, which was great for extra cash. The pay for a 16/17 year old was £4.25 an hour. Not great, and goes up to £5.10 at 18. There was only two hour shifts available, which works out at £8.50 per shift. Pros: If you prove to be reliable, you can get jobs at other parts of the restaurant that offer more hours, such as glass collecting or potwashing. Shifts can be very easily swapped, as long as the other cleaners are ok with it.

Cons: £8.50 a shift is not enough for some of the filth you are occassionally stuck with clearing up in the morning. If there is only three cleaners, and one person wants a five-day holiday, then this could mean you being in for 12 days without a break, depending when your days off fall. Since the shift times are quite rigid, if you're late, problems can arise if you can't get the work done in time.

School Cleaner

Username: madsporkmurderer

This is a job that often got laughs when I mentioned it, but it paid reasonably well and wasn't difficult (but without being mind-numbingly boring). I started with just a morning shift (7-8), was close enough that I could work that then come home for shower and breakfast before college. After a while I got an afternoon shift (3.15-5.15 but flexible if I finished college late) as well; In addition there was holiday work (really thorough cleaning). It paid about £6ph so you won't be a millionaire but better than a lot of shops etc.

Would definitely recommend it- try phoning schools and asking if they're looking for cleaners as the one I worked at was nearly always short but refused to spend money advertising for more.