Over half of students struggling to find summer job

Students are finding it hard to find summer jobs, data obtained by The Student Room has indicated. 

Eight in ten students of over 500 surveyed by TSR last week have revealed that they found it a struggle to find a job. 
Meanwhile, a hefty 53 per cent have been unsuccessful in landing a job over the holidays.

Nearly all students taking part in the survey disclosed their desire to find a job over the season.

Three quarters of participants believe too many students are going for the same jobs, while 79 per cent feel there are too few jobs available in general.

Students have been predominantly applying for jobs in shops, bars and restaurants, with 68 per cent looking for roles in retail and hospitality.

While internships were a much less popular choice, a huge 83 per cent of students said they were prepared to work unpaid if the experience improves their CV.

Students flooded onto the TSR forums to recount their experience of finding a summer job. Sorting dirty charity underwear and stuffing Christmas crackers have been among the more unusual and unfulfilling duties found in temporary jobs. 

Overall, 529 students were surveyed.

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