Advice on work experience letter

Example letter:

Dear ..............

I would like to apply for a possible work experience placement with your hospital between .................2013.

I am 16 years old and a student at Tunbridge Wells Girls Grammar School.I am currently studying 12 different GCSEs and i plan to talk Biology, Chemistry, Phsycology and Geography for my A-levels.I have developed many skills from taking triple science for my GCSEs and expanded my general knowledge whilst forming a huge interest for medicine.

Whilst i am trying to gain various work experience placements to gain a feel of medicine before i apply to university and to see if it is definitely the courier path i would like to follow in the future , i have specifically chosen to contact your hospital due to your excellent reputation as i feel ......... would be the best place to find out.

Prior to this work experience i have applied to join the Red Cross organisation and i am currently part-taking in the silver Duke of Edinburgh award which includes several months of volunteering which i plan to spend next summer in South Africa, volunteering with underprivileged children near Port Elizabeth.However other than this, i must admit i haven't had any experiences within a hospital before therefore i have a lack of knowledge of the mechanics of a hospital and specifically a doctor , in addition to this my analogies are based purely upon documentaries or second-hand information which i have gathered from friends or family who work within the medicine field.And i would really enjoy it if i were to gain a first hand experience to base these opinions on myself.In doing so, i hope i shall see what makes a good doctor and what it entails.

I am a very hard working, reliable , keen and interested individual that believes doing work experience at would be invaluable as it would give me an insight to what working in such an established hospital like. I would specifically like to work within A&E as it is where the quick,fast pace action is and where decisions must be made within seconds that could determine between the fine line of life and death. Specifically i am interested in the Respiratory System , Cardiology and the Heart as i have a lack of knowledge within these regions and i have a want to understand more.As well as this i am aware that these topics are covered within my A-levels therefore i will be able to relate what i have gained from my work experience to my course which is primarily very useful and interesting.

Thank you for spending the time to read my email. I hope to hear from you soon,

Yours sincerely/faithfully,