11 of the funniest things to happen during exams

Something light-hearted to ease your revision headaches

When someone starts a thread on TSR asking for funny stories and embarrassing moments, the community always delivers.

Here’s a round-up of the most hilarious things students and invigilators have done which have no place in an otherwise quiet and tense exam hall.

1. We wish you a merry... exam?

The other day in my GCSE chemistry exam I was wearing novelty Christmas socks. By accident they went off and started playing Christmas tunes. The examiner confiscated my socks. Me and my friends found this hilarious!


2. It all got too much

Once during an exam it was completely silent with everyone scribbling away and suddenly a girl starts screaming, 'Omg, omg, omg!' and flapping her hand in front of her mouth before getting up, running to the door and vomiting everywhere just as she was opening it.

Plantagenet Crown

3. Freedom!

In my last GCSE exam, right when the timer ran out, someone across the hall just stood up, screamed "I'M FREEEE!" and ran straight out of the exam hall


4. All aboard the struggle bus

I have a very bad cold at the moment so in today's CHEM4 exam, I was so focused on my paper that I didn't realise that there was snot coming out of my nose. By the time I had realised, there was a long thread of snot dangling from my nose to just above my paper! I had to lean under my chair to get tissue and in the process, got it all over my blazer! To be honest, I'm just praying that no one was watching me while I was going through that struggle!


5. It ain't over 'til it's over

In my last GCSE exam, the invigilator said 'Exam is over' five minutes before the end time, and started collecting papers in. Then, the other invigilators woke up and told her it wasn't the end. She blushed, we all laughed, with one guy deliberately being louder than the others, saying 'HA. HA!', which made us all laugh for another minute. 


6. Blackout

The lights went off in our exam hall, the room was pitch black. It was funny seeing the invigilators using the torch function on their phones.


7. *Slow clap*

An invigilator dropped a tray of calculators on the floor in the middle of an exam – his face was priceless! The other invigilators did not look happy at all.


8. This doesn't bode well

In my first uni maths exam I could not work out how the seat numberings worked to find my particular seat and spent like five minutes walking around until someone decided to inform me.


9. Surprise!

I have extra time in my exams and so one time the exam invigilator said, 'Time's up, put your pens down' but I wasn't really listening and I thought she only meant for people without extra time, and so she came up behind me and whispered into my ear, 'Put your pen down before I disqualify you' and I literally jumped out of my seat and everyone was staring at me – I've never been so embarrassed.

Peter Wilkinson

10. Walk of shame

We heard a phone vibrating in the hall so everyone started looking round to see whose it was. After like 30 seconds one of the invigilators slowly walked to the front in shame because it was her phone.


11. Crash, bang, wallop

I did my GCSEs earlier this year and halfway through my last exam one of the invigilators (this was the most bossy one) sat on one of the desks at the back of the hall and it collapsed under her and made a huge BANG right in the middle of this exam, and we all turned around to see this invigilator lying on the floor apologising for the noise and disruption.


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