Best way to read a dictionary


You normally wouldn't ask this question to yourselves, but, when was the last time you took a thorough glance at your dictionary - except in an English lesson. Well, I can pretty much guess that most of you reading this page wouldn't have even recently flicked a page in your dictionary - otherwise known as "The Book that Acts as a Dust Collector on a Shelf ". We all assume that the dictionary acts as a book where if you don't know the meaning or the spelling of the word, you look it up there - but in fact, it has many more uses that that.

Word a Day

I think all of you know the catchphrase of "A Word a Day", but have you ever wanted to know why? Well, research has shown that learning a word a day boosts your range of vocabulary by up to a staggering 73%! And the great thing about it is that it only takes a few minutes to do.