Book review: the paleo diet: food your body is designed to eat

As controversial as eating like a caveman sounds, this diet has actually proved to be really effective in cutting down your daily intake of processed foods, high fat dishes and proper, good fast food, that you more often than not, cannot say no to. This means that the Paleo diet wants you to substitute a "fast way" of eating with fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, eggs, seeds nuts and meat. Choose organic over dairy products, cooking your food with healthy oils, such as olive oil, over palm oil, coconut oil over canola, cherry tomatoes over broad beans. There are some 100 recipes in this book, that can take you delightfully from breakfast to dinner because the dishes never lose their flavour appeal. Speaking of eating like your ancestors did, this diet is suitable for followers of all major religions, from Catholicism to Islam, but where kosher food is concerned, because the laws are complex, it would be a good idea to look through the book and work out yourself which food would be right for you and which wouldn't but still pertain to the diet.


The diet recommended in this book is immersed in protein, but low on the carbs, however critics have sounded it off as being less affordable and more elite. A diet, according to many, needs to be practical, and there is an issue here to some, over a lack of balanced eating, even though just looking at the book probably gave you the idea that this is one of the most glamorous diets you have ever seen. But in response to that criticism, I would have to say that there is a lot of diversity in the food choices you are recommended, even if you do want to eat like your cavepeople ancestors, for example, for a start, this diet actually recommends having liver on the menu. However, it would indeed be wise to do without the presence of tinned food on your kitchen shelves, and substitute it with real food: choose real cooked meatballs over processed meatballs. The amount of emphasis there is on consuming animal proteins is difficult to pull off financially with a sound mind for many, with a recession running about because high-quality animal products are very expensive in supermarkets. So, go for fresh chicken over half-baked chicken you will find easy to have for dinner because they are less time-consuming to prepare - you know how it works after a hard day's work at uni: just deep fry the half-backed packaged chicken from Tesco in a saucepan, as opposed to creating a one-pot stew. This review was written by Fashion Girl