10 incredibly festive reptiles

Mr Leachie the gecko likes to bark and sing Mariah Carey over the Christmas period.

Mr Leachie

Rex the bearded dragon enjoys a good nap after stuffing his face with Christmas dinner.


Toothless the crested gecko likes to celebrate Christmas in a rebellious style by eating crickets instead of turkey.


After Christmas Pudding, Mr Leachie likes to play with his presents.


After a couple of mulled wines, Rex likes to join in...


Joie the crested gecko has laid some eggs ready for a Christmas miracle!


Bubbles the Chameleon hates Christmas and is a grumpy scrooge. He like to keep all the Christmas treats for himself.


Casper the leopard gecko gets sad around Christmas time as he was unwanted for not having any spots- hopefully Santa will give him some for being a good gecko.


Chips is a leopard gecko and loves to go caroling to spread her Christmas cheer.


Fluffy, Joie, Tiggy and Kinks fight over who gets the last Quality Street but love to settle down together to watch Home Alone.

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