49 of the best free and cheap activities to try in summer 2019

Fun things to do at home, outside and with friends

Are you looking for ideas for what to get up to this summer on a budget?

We asked the TSR community for inspiration for free and low cost summer activities, and these are just some of the suggestions on this thread.

Things to do at home

1. Study
2. Learn something online
3. Watch a movie online
4. Watch YouTube
5. Do some arts and crafts
6. Sell your old junk on eBay
7. Spend (waste) time on TSR
8. Set some goals and achieve them
9. Have fun with your family
10. Read a book
11. Play videogames
12. Prepare for the next academic term
13. Grow some plants
14. Build something
15. Start a blog
16. Make a photo album
17. Start a YouTube channel
18. Do some gardening

Things to do outside

19. Have a beach day, complete with food, music and a swim in the sea
20. Have a picnic
21. Go cycling
22. Relax in the sun
23. Go trainspotting, plane spotting or even bus spotting
24. Go running
25. Walk or play with your pets
26. Spend time wandering around town aimlessly looking in shops
27. Head to your local countryside beauty spots
28. Go birdwatching
29. Hike up a hill or mountain
30. Join the free fossil hunt on the Jurassic Coast
31. Go to a free airshow

Things to do on your own

32. Go to an exhibition
33. Visit galleries
34. Explore new places
35. Gain some experience for your CV
36. Volunteer at a charity shop or event
37. Go to museums that are cheap or free
38. Join a sports team
39. Join a club
40. Go to a library
41. Go to the gym
42. Try sailing this summer with free or low cost sessions through the RYA

Things to do with friends

43. Stay over at a friends house and pretend you're on holiday
44. Have a party (a cheap one)
45. Go to your local Pride event, where you can watch parades and join festivities for free
46. Hang out at a cafe where there are board games you can play for free
47. Have a dinner where everyone contributes something
48. Go swimming
49. Check out the Sky Garden in London

What are you doing this summer that doesn't cost the earth?

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