Counting threads and counters society

These are a selection of threads in Forum Games

Here, users collectively post numbers, counting towards a numerical goal.

The following threads are the current versions of the counting threads:


Back in November 2013, a user called spotify95 started the first thread of CTAM.

Since then the counting threads have developed and over the years, peaking and troughing along the way.


Near the beginning of the counting threads, a user called cupcakes87 started the Counters Society. Following a recent re-vamp, the society is back and growing every day! With spotify95 as leader, 04MR17Matrix123 and markovchain17 as deputies and a whole host of other prominent users on the team as well.


Each threads is also a competition to see who achieves the most posts.

As would be expected, users who have been counting longer will have a higher place in the overall leader board.

There are also smaller in-thread competitions which run alongside the main contest, such as the hundred post competition which is run by a user called mr T 999. Here, users battle to use the hundredth post, two hundredth post etc.

Another popular competition is Sprint Sunday. Here, users posts as many numbers as possible in 24 hours, and a winner is declared at the end. At present, this competition is being run by 04MR17.

More competitions are constantly being added.

Recent Developments:

Looking forward, 04MR17 is currently preparing an annual awards giving.

The Society is also preparing a newsletter platform, to communicate with members.


If you are interested in joining the Counters Society then you can post in any of the threads in the list above, and if you keep posting, you'll receive a welcome PM from the society's administrator, princechromey.

Still unsure?

Contact any of the following members if you have any questions: spotify95 - NOTE: not via PMs (no space) 04MR17 eternaforest mr T 999

See you round! Happy counting!