Lad culture- sexist towards young men or a real problem?

‘Lad culture’ has been around for years, but recently it’s been thrown into the limelight by new campaigns to crack down on sexual harassment at university. 

The government has ordered a tough inquiry into the sexist ‘lad culture’- but is this just demonizing male students or is it the right approach to making campuses safer?

Our community have shared their thoughts, where do you sit on the matter? 

"Nothing has changed… this is how it has always been."

'Lad culture' is just uni life with a new name. This is how uni lads have acted since before you were born. The fact it's at the forefront of the media now doesn't mean anything has changed. [Sconter

"There's nothing wrong with lad culture"

​I struggle to recognise 'lad culture' as anything specific, it just seems to be a cover-all for boorish behaviour, getting drunk, telling un-PC jokes, shouting and generally behaving like a stereotypical tourist in Magaluf. It's not necessarily a bad thing which needs to be dealt with in any way. It's how some people behave when they're young (and not so young), and it's generally harmless. [russellsteapot

At school I was one of the 'lads', so to speak. We hung around, told bad jokes and drank too much. But at no point did that descend into a belief that women were inferior and that sexual violence was a trivial matter. We were brought up to respect others, including woman, and our educational system to it's credit helped reinforce that. [Swanbow]

"Lad culture is dangerous"

Lad culture is bad. It oppresses EVERYONE. It forces everyone to fit into gender roles that might not fit. It also breeds misogyny and creates an attitude that sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape are acceptable. [SmallTownGirl

"Lad culture lacks definition and has sexist connotations"

I think the first step would be to understand what exactly is meant by "lad culture." It’s been linked to "rape culture," and that's about as hot as a potato can be - the level of contention over whether it even exists or not is through the roof.

To me, lad culture is about crassness, but I think others interpret it to be about misogyny. I don't think we can make any progress before everyone is on the same page about whether there's a problem, what the problem is, and whether it's something that should be addressed by universities. [miser

My uni defines it as 'a pack mentality resulting in ‘banter’ that is often sexist, misogynistic and homophobic. Heavy alcohol consumption is often involved. It is a sexualised culture that often involves the objectification of women and rape-supportive attitudes'.

Interesting how it mentions misogyny and objectification of women but not misandry and the sexualisation of men. I wouldn't put it past my SU to put on a screening of Magic Mike, for example, which is a huge illustration of the double standards in society that demonise the objectification of women but promote it of men. [Reluire

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