What life is really like at a uk boarding school


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The common view of boarding schools generally fall into 2 main categories; 1) Bunch of snobby people whose parents don't love them and have to pay ridiculously high fees. 2) One big sleepover - usually gaining inspiration from 'Wildchild' with Emma Roberts

The reality is, the stereotype and stigma of boarding schools couldn't be so different! Admittedly, there are some people who clearly have a lot of money and like to flaunt it, but these people will always exist! For me, boarding school first appeared the latter...and I couldn't of come from such a different background.

I come from a middle class family, myself and my brothers have always attended state schools and they weren't bad! Boarding school was never an option. Ever. However, upon getting my GCSE results and a friend suggested we look at scholarships and bursaries the possibility became realistic.

It's true, upon my first two weeks I absolutely HATED it! I thought the people weren't 'my type of people' they all seemed so up themselves and acted superior. I wanted to go back to my family and my group of friends and my comfort zone, but the reality is, is that to an extent, I was telling myself I didn't like it here, but after a few weeks of just settling in and getting used to a different routine, I now love it!

The highlights are definitely the range of things to do, from compulsory sport, to music and drama and so many clubs and societies to be part of, I find myself busy all the time. Certainly, coming to a house full of girls from a male dominated family was quite a change!

Boarding school isn't all its cracked up to be with matrons, strict teachers, tartan jackets and everyone drinking tea and coffee all the time! Yes, there is a lot of tea and coffee drunk, but its a much more friendly, welcoming environment. There are so many people from different backgrounds you get to meet and of course there will be people you don't like, but that is something that everyone has to deal with in life. We get a lot of work set, and have designated times to do this on an evening, and the school day is a lot more structured, however I think this personally works for me so I get everything done on time!

Yes, I miss my family and my old friends, but boarding school isn't a place where parents try to offload their children, or where they all drive up in their Bentleys on the first day of term! Boarding school for me, is a bridge to university, a chance to explore and develop my character!

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