D&CA Thread Starter Guidance

This article contains guidance for anyone creating threads. Including ways to engage other users and make the best success of your thread. 

If you’re starting a thread in a debate forum, please be mindful of this guidance and adhere to it as much as possible. TSR would really like your discussions to be of the best quality, and this article is here to help that. 

Before making your thread

  • If you see multiple recent threads in the forum on the same topic as the conversation you want to start, dive into one of those discussions rather than creating an additional thread. It’s likely that your thread might not reach its full audience if it is sharing a topic with several others.

Your thread title

  • The title that you pick for your thread is so important to shape the discussions that happen within it. 

  • Your thread title should clearly identify the subject matter of your conversation. The subject should ideally be written in the thread title if you can. 

  • Avoid statements of opinion as thread titles, can you re-phrase your opinion as a question? 

Key ingredients of a good Original Post

  • A good OP should make your stance on the debate clear. Are you undecided? Are you firmly on one side of the debate?

  • A good OP should also recognise other relevant viewpoints on this subject. You don’t have to agree with them, but acknowledge that they are there. 

  • Make sure there is something substantial to engage with. If you hold a certain opinion, explain your reasoning. Allow there to be more to your discussion than a yes/no answer. You may wish to add some additional questions into your text for other users to respond to and help spark the conversation. 

  • It would really help to finish your OP with a summary of what your discussion is all about. Summarise what is known about this issue and what part of the topic is the focus of your thread.

  • If posting a thread in the News and Current Affairs forum, you must include a link to a source for the news story you are discussing. We prefer stories from major news publications or local papers - rather than blogs or other unauthenticated sites. If possible, include a couple of links to different sites to achieve some more balance.