How to sign up for Amazon Prime Student - get six months free and 50% off after that

Being a student in the modern day is no easy thing - between the studying and brand new social circles, there’s a lot to deal with day to day. One of the benefits of being a student, however, can be found over at Amazon, via the company’s Prime Student program. By signing up, you’ll gain access to a whole variety of student-exclusive discounts, available all through the year.

Better still, the best part of the deal is that, provided you’re not already a Prime subscriber, you can sign up and get six months of access to Prime Student absolutely free. That’s an overly generous free trial period, where you’ll get access to everything Prime has to offer. If you don’t feel like paying for it after then, no worries. As an added bonus, if you do want to keep your Prime Student membership after your trial runs out, you’ll be able to buy a full Prime membership for 50% off, meaning it’ll cost you about £4 a month.

All of this comes together to create a hard-to-pass-up offer. Getting a free six-month membership gives you access to free one-day delivery, which can come in incredibly handy for ordering textbooks, especially with some of the higher costs of those in mind. Of course, it’ll also get you speedy delivery on other school supplies and even party supplies, or even some fancy tech devices to help your school year along, should your budget allow it.

What is Amazon Prime Student?

Simply put, Amazon Prime Student is a version of Amazon’s existing Prime membership service, designed for and available exclusively for people currently in education. There is both a UK version and a US version available, depending on your place of residence.

As previously mentioned, by signing up, you’ll get a six-month free trial which includes almost all the same benefits as regular Prime (the notable exceptions being Unlimited Kindle books and Unlimited Music streaming, among others), letting you take advantage of Prime exclusive discounts and free one-day delivery, among other features.

Once that six-month free trial is finished, you’ll have the option of turning your Student Prime account into a fully-fledged Prime account with a 50% discount. For context, a Prime membership normally costs £79 ($99) a year, while you’ll be able to a yearly membership for £39 ($59). That offer lasts for four years (or until you graduate, whichever comes first).

As with other free trials on the site, Amazon Prime Student members are able to cancel their subscription at any time, including during the free six-month trial, if need be. If you do and you change your mind after that, you can still have access to that 50% discount on a full membership.

How do I join Amazon Prime Student?

Signing up for an Amazon Prime Student account in the UK or the US is a fairly simple process. First off, you’ll need to go to the Prime Student sign up page.

From there, you’ll need to provide your school email address (ending in as well as your expected graduation month and year, your academic level, the subject you’re studying and your payment method information. After this, you’ll receive a verification email at the address you provided, once you verify that address, your six-month free trial will start immediately.

Signing up for Amazon Prime Student without a school email

If you don’t happen to have a school email (which generally end with or, you don’t have to worry - you’ll still be able to sign up for Prime Student, it’ll just take a few more bits of documentation.

Within the UK, you’ll need to be able to show that you’re 18 or over and that you’re enrolled in at least one course at university or college within the UK. You’ll need to send one of the following via photo, screenshot or scanned in documents to [email protected]:

  • Valid NUS Extra or NUS Apprentice Extra card that shows your name, school and card expiration date.

  • Proof of student status letter printed on official school letterhead. Must include your name and address, course details, start date and expected graduation or completion date.

  • Tuition bill for the current term that must include your school's name, course details, start date and your address.

  • Tuition invoice for the current term with your name and your school's name.

  • Official acceptance letter for the upcoming term printed on official school letterhead. Must include your name, address, course details, enrollment date and expected graduation or completion date.

Once you’ve sent all that off and Amazon’s verification team has given you the go-ahead, you’ll get an email back within 3-5 business days containing a link with which you can finish your Prime Student sign up. You’ll need to sign up using that link within 14 days of receiving that email, by the way, otherwise, you’ll need to start the whole process again.

What are the benefits of a Prime Student membership?

As discussed here already, an Amazon Prime Student membership entitles you to almost every major feature that a full Prime membership does, with the occasional restriction or caveat, which isn’t bad considering you’ll be getting it at half the usual price. What are the benefits of a Prime Student membership? Here’s a rundown of what you’ll have access to in the UK.

  • Free one-day delivery on Prime eligible purchases

  • Unlimited movie and TV show streaming through Prime Video

  • Access to Prime Music

  • Exclusive Prime Student discounts and deals

  • Unlimited storage in Prime Photos

If you happen to also treat yourself to one of Amazon’s own gadgets such as an Amazon Echo, Fire HD tablet or Kindle, your Prime membership will give you access to a range of features in each of those as well, which is a nice little bonus.

Well, there you have it - follow those steps and you’ll be able to get yourself a free six-month trial of Amazon Prime Student, along with the chance to get a full membership for half price once that’s over. Definitely worth a look, no matter what stage of education you’re currently at.

Have any questions? Have any experiences with Prime Student? Let us know, over in the forums.