Environmental awareness society

The Environmental Awareness Society is a place where you can talk about environmental issues with other groovy and environmentally aware people and find out all about the environmental.

Environmental Awareness Society

The Society

The EASoc is for all people who do their bit to help the environment and want to chat with like minded people.  


The Environmental Awareness Soc has loads of members - find out who is in the soc & who the leaders are.


Tips to Help the Environment

There are loads of ways we can all help the environment. If we all do a little bit we can make huge differences. Why not start by doing something out of these top 10 tips?

  • Switch to energy efficient lightbulbs
  • Find out about recycling in your area
  • Turn lights out when not needed
  • Try to walk or cycle for short journeys
  • Only fly when essential
  • Turn the hot water down a few degrees
  • Try to shower more quickly
  • Wear more layers in winter
  • Get a compost bin or wormery
  • Basically you need to remember the 'three Rs' - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Useful Environment Links

There are loads of resources out there about the environment. Here are a few we've come across in the society which we feel ought to be shared with everyone. Have fun reading!


Environmental Awareness Society

What's on TSR?

There is a lot more on TSR about the environment. Why not take a look at some of these other areas?  

What do you want to do?

Why not create something new about the environment on TSR to spread the green message further?


What TSR does to Help the Environment

TSR has done a number of things to help the environment these include:
  • Uses energy efficient php server processors: Opteron 275 HE - 2.2 Ghz dual core, each use 55Watts - 39% more efficient than the previous processors yet 57% more processing speed!
  • Electricity used is 90% hydro-electric and 7.5% thermal - check out BC Hydro
  • Recycle in the office