Most high-street shops will have an accessories section, and at very cheap prices. Bold jewellery finishes off your look, while over-loading can ruin it. Statement jewellery simply adds to the eye-catching look so many strive for, and it can come in at a budget. Bright plastics used in high-street accessories are perfect due to their glossy, sharp finish, though metallic pieces are still brilliant at catching the light - just be sure to wear either gold or silver, never both.

Remember that when you buy an item, you pay for the quality, so if the item will be in style for a few seasons, then perhaps you should spend that bit more. Conversely, trendy pieces can be found for pennies at places like Primark and Matalan, and often look exactly the same as more expensive ones from other shops. You'd be amazed at what you find.

Many towns and cities have markets with little jewellery stalls, where you can often find some nice pieces. Also keep a look out when you go abroad for truly unique styles. You can often get really cheap military medals which look cool on everyone and are the perfect way to rough up an evening bag - if Karl Lagerfeld did it, then it must be chic! Eclectic accessories fits perfectly into the folklore trends which are often seen around Autumn/Winter, so go crazy with tassels, prints and coloured jewellery. Don't be afraid to layer up similarly-themed necklaces, bracelets and rings - just be sure not to look like you're wearing everything you own at once. Also, have a look around your local charity shops: there are always really cool brooches and cheap chains, and at the very least you won't see loads of other people with the same necklace as you.

For men, leather wristbands are a good look, and never underestimate the power of an interesting belt-buckle. Long necklaces and leather choker-type ones can look really good as well, especially when paired with a chunky ring. Try River Island and Topman, or if you're looking to invest in something nice, Thomas Sabo.


Bags are more than just your standard accessory, and so you should take extra-special care when choosing one as the wrong style can do your shoulders and spine some damage.

If you're going to be carrying a lot of books at uni, then a rucksack is the best way to go. [b]Avoid messenger bags for heavy loads at all costs![/b] Your muscles will be in agony and after a while your posture will begin to suffer.