Guide to hair straighteners

Okay people, decided that we get new threads about straighteners every week on the forums (it seems) and the search finds the word too common (even in titles) so I've trawled through countless threads, about 60 pages worth, (trust me there were lots of posts - I went back till the threads were time locked if that gives you any idea) and made this guide. Hope it is some use (it's getting me out of Coursework - so it is useful to me at least! ) 'Yes, I'll do that when I finish this thread' takes on a whole new dimension when it take 2 hours


First Things First

Where to purchase from

You should be able to find them in most beauty stores all around the UK and you can also find them in on-lines stores such as amazon

Heat Protection Spray

You need heat protection spray, or the heat will dry out your hair. I recommend something like TRESemmé Heat Protection Spray - I use it and it's lasted me over a year of lots and lots of use - a great buy. You can get lots of brands - just have a look in your local chemist. This thread has more ideas: as has this one:

The Right Straighteners for You

Most people seem to recommend straighteners like GHDs. They are expensive (£119) and not everyone can afford their price tag. There's a debate about GHDs on this thread: The next best make seem to be Remington. Mixed feeling from these. Some people prefer the Wet2Straight ones, but you do get the sound of your hair sizzling, which isn't that brilliant. The Remington Sleek to Curl also seem to have had a good reception. Remington Power Ceramic also seems to have a few rave reviews. You do get other models - have a look on their website for more versions. Ceramic is definitely the way to go. Haven't seen all that much on glass ones - but one thing (from my experience) metal ones are USELESS. Do not get them - mine lasted a year, then stopped straightening my hair properly. I have a pair of Ceramic Models1 Straighteners. No idea where they came from (prezzie from my Mum) but they are wonderful. T3 and Kodo seem to have good reviews too. Haven't seen much about them, but they seem to be better than GHDs.

( Check out for a run down of of the best straighteners out now)

Curling Hair with Straighteners

It is possible to curl hair with straighteners: GHDs and Remingtons come with curl secrets DVDs, but one way to do it, is to get a section of hair and twist it around the straighteners for a few seconds. Alternatively you can wrap the hair around a pencil and finger, and clamp your hair between the plate (remember to remove your finger or pencil) for a few seconds. With my straighteners it says you can also plait your hair and then straighten the plait. Undo the plait and then you have curls - I haven't tried this yet though. Alternatively, tie your hair into ponytails and twist into knots, and clamp the plates over them for about 10 seconds et voila - get out of bed hair instantly (apparently). Curling is best if you have skinny plates though - for hopefully obvious reasons - not a good idea to try to create tight ringlets with 2" plates... This thread has more ideas - should work with all straighteners - not just GHDs:

A bit of info about GHDs

The mini is really for people with short hair! The ordinary one is for everyone who doesn't need the smaller or bigger one (sounds kinda stupid but it is true) The salon one is for people with MAJORLY thick hair ie afro hair. My hair is pretty damn thick and I use the ordinary one. So unless you have a very short hair cut or huge and thick hair get the ordinary one.

So overall the sizes are; MiniNormal and Salon Sized (for the thicker longer and afro style hairs)

This flat iron comparison guide may help you find the best flat iron for natural hair

5 Natural Products For Hair Straightening

  1. 1. Hot Oil Treatment
  2. 2. Coconut & Lemon
  3. 3. Tea Liquor
  4. 4. Olive Oil & Egg Paste
  5. 5. Honey Milk Concoction

Source: 5 Natural Products for Hair Straightening


  • Where Can I buy GHDs from? sells them - about £85 also sells GHDs and another GHD seller

  • What colours are GHD's available in?

They are available in the origional colour, that is black, however in some stores the colour Pink is available for all those that are girly girls and want Pink GHD's.


  • What shouldn't I put on my nicely (hopefully) straightened hair?

Anything water based or liquid - it allows hair to go back to its natural state.


  • My hair is ridiculous, I straighten it but it reverts to nightmare fright-wig after half an hour, doesn't matter what I put on it. Any suggestions?

Try a serum. I use Andrew Collinge's one, it was only £3 something in Boots and it's great. I put a bit on before I straighten and also after, to stop the frizz! Also, take it with you when you go out, and apply it (but not too much!) when it starts to go frizzy... if you put on too much though it will look greasy, so avoid putting it on the roots.


  • I bought some of that TREsemmé Heat Styling spray a couple of days ago but how much am I meant to be using? Should I do a couple of sprays on each section of hair I'm straightening or just a general spray all over my hair and then comb through?

I spray it on, then brush it through, then straighten - and ignore any sizzling that happens if I've put on too much spray.


  • How can I clean my straighteners? They are covered in brown burnt on hairspray and stuff.

Try heating your straighteners, turn off and when still warm rub with a damp cloth. The heat should make it a little easier to clean.