How to care for your hair extensions

Human hair extensions have a global reputation for being the most beautiful and natural looking of all hair extensions, especially compared to their synthetic counterparts. The hair is untreated (virgin) and carefully collected so as to ensure that all the human hair cuticles face the same direction. In addition to this human hair extensions are fine and luxurious as oppose to thick and coarse like synthetic hair extensions. Hair extensions require careful upkeep to ensure that they look good for longer and do not become tangled or damaged. Below is a step by step guide detailing how you should shampoo, condition, maintain and store your hair extensions.

Step One

Before applying or attaching your hair extensions ensure that your own hair is clean, dry and free from chemical products and natural oils. This will ensure that your new extensions are not contaminated by any dirt or products in your own hair.

Step Two

Shampooing human hair extensions

If the hair extensions are bonded to your own hair you will wash your extensions as often as you would ordinarily wash your own hair. Brush your hair gently before washing and while drying to remove tangles.

Use a gentle shampoo and cooler water than you might normally use. The cooler water temperature will help to preserve the cuticles on the hair extension as well as the hair extensions bond. If the hair extensions are removable and attached with clips you should find you wash them less often as you wear them for shorter periods of time.

When washing hair extensions gently shampoo the hair drawing the shampoo lightly down the hair shaft from root to tip. Do not rub. Rinse off the shampoo in cool water again without rubbing the hair and directing the water flow down the hair from root to tip.

Rubbing the hair or going against the direction of the cuticles (tip to root) may result in tangling and damage to the hair.

Step Three

Conditioning Hair extensions

When conditioning do as directed above but with conditioner. Apply the conditioner from root to end gently and without rubbing. Leave the conditioner in the hair for a couple of minutes or as advised on the bottle and then rinse out with cool water directing the water down the length of the hair from root to tip. For extensions that have become dry, frizzy, tangled or matted, it is worth going one step further and using a deep conditioning hair mask to condition as these will help restore shine, and soften your hair extensions, more or less restoring them to their original state.

Step Four

Drying hair extensions

Once you have rinsed the conditioner from your extensions gently squeeze excess water out of the hair and then comb the hair through using a wide toothed comb.

Do not brush wet hair. This applies whether the hair is your own or human hair extensions as brushing wet hair can damage the cuticles and result in breakage.

Allow the hair to dry naturally by laying it flat on a cool surface or dry it off gently using a hair dryer on low heat. Direct the heat down along the hair shaft from root to ends and never from tip to root. Again this is also how you should dry your own hair to avoid damage to cuticles and tangling. It will also help to maintain the Remy hairs natural shine and condition.


Step Five

Storing your hair extensions

When you are not wearing your clip-in hair extensions brush the hair through with a soft brush (using downward strokes) and store by plaiting or coiling it gently in a bun and storing in an airtight plastic bag or container. This will prevent the hair becoming tangled or contaminated with dust or other debris when not in use.