Mascara tricks and tips

Mascara Tricks and Tips

In order to make eyelashes look more full and longer we use mascara.

Mainly there are two types of mascara:

  1. Volume mascara
  2. Length mascara

Also there are sub categories:

  • Soluble: Excellent to wear
  • Insouble/ Water proof: Only wear if you know your eyelashes are going to be in contact with water. Very hard to wash off.

Steps to apply mascara:

  1. Wash face, taking extra care around the eyes, and dry thoroughly.
  2. Curl eyelashes. (A heated eyelasher curler is excellent if you have one, or can get hold of one)
  3. Get the brush, start from the base and wiggle up.
  4. Apply the amount of coats you desire.
  5. When finished, comb your eyelashes.
  6. Get a cotton bud and wipe up any mistakes.

Note: Apply mascara when you have finished

Vaseline Quoted from the article in Wikipedia mascara:
This early mascara was made from coal dust mixed with Vaseline
For me, mascara is excellent to just finish of the look, and almost seals the mascara.
Some say Vaseline makes eyelashes longer, which can be seen when I have tested it out.
Warning: Do not apply vaseline on eyelashes and then mascara! It will flake 

Mascara Card Trick

This trick will help you apply your mascara evenly without ruining your eye make up. This trick also prevents your eyelashes being stuck together, and makes sure your mascara is used to full potential.

  1. Get a business card.
  2. Gently place it on your eyelids, right above your lashes.
  3. If you gently lift the card with you eyelids still in contact, you should see your lashes being lifted upwards.
  4. While your lashes are lifted upwards, apply mascara against card.
  5. It's even better with your lashes curled prior to the application.
  6. You can use the card on your lower lashes.. Or for an even better effect, cut the card according to your eyeshape.

Mascara for eyebrows?

How bizzare this may sound but mascara is excellent for people who do not have thick eyebrows.
When many people hear mascara on eyebrows, they believe they must cover swipe the mascara wand against the eyebrow.Which is not true

A clear mascara (If your eyebrows are dark like mine a black or brown one)
A clean mascara wand.
A cotton bud

  1. Get the clear mascara and highlight all the parts you want to darker. (Apply a considerable amount) It can look as messy as you want just make sure you have identified with your mascara the pain points you want highlighted.
  2. Get clean mascara wand and start stroking your eyebrow, making sure it is even.
  3. If you think it looks dark, get a cotton bud and dip it in to water and erase all parts which you do not find suitable.
  4. Afterwards using the wand to just change the direction of the eyebrow hair will make your eyebrow look more natural.

Hopefully you will end with a more natural look.

How do I apply mascara to my lower eyelid?

Put a piece of paper underneath your lowerlid and apply. 
Note: Do not apply alot of mascara on the lower lid.

Mascara FAQs

My mascara is flaking. Why?
Your mascara is probably flaking because your mascara is old, and need to replace it.

My mascara just ran out, it is an emergency I need some what do I do?
A trick is to get a hot bowl of water and dip the mascara in for a while.
The mascara stuck on the sides will hopefully come off.
Also you can pour hot water in to the mascara bottle, shake, and then apply.

Clumpy mascara
Sometimes when the mascara clumps it might not just be the company's fault, but the way you apply.
Make sure that mascara is dry after you apply the after layer.
The more layers you apply, the more likely it is to become clumpier. 

Treat your eyelashes how you would treat you hair
If you leave your mascara on, or do not care for them. Your eyelashes can become broken and start falling out.
It is good to condition them with castor oil, or any other nice moisturizer.
This is after you have finished removing makeup.

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