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We asked over 250 people how brands' clothes fit so that you never buy a wrong size again.

We’ve all done it - sashayed into a fitting room with a bunch of clothes slung over our arm and then discovered that NOTHING. FITS. In theory, our usual size should fit across stores, but as we all know, that’s often not the case. Some brands are notorious for their tiny sizing, while others are more generous. Whether you’re shopping for clothes online or in store, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and hassle if you know roughly what their sizes look like. We’ve asked hundreds of shoppers how clothes fit to help you find the right size.

Missguided - Often Fits Slightly Too Small

When we asked TSR users about Missguided’s sizing, it was a dead heat between the people saying their sizing is just right and those saying it runs small. This means that if you’re between sizes or opting for something more fitted, it’s probably worth picking the bigger size. greeneyedgirl recommends sizing up in trousers, although she’s found that dresses seem to be sized more accurately.

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ASOS - Fits Just Right

Overall, people seem to be pretty happy with ASOS’s sizing for its own-brand clothes, though a few people have found that the sizes run a little smaller than usual for items such as jeans. ASOS has a great returns policy, so if you’re not sure about which size to go for, it could be worth ordering your usual size and the size up and returning one.

Check the ASOS size guide

I use them a lot and they tend to fit fineeee, one or two have come up a bit small. 


Zara - Often Fits Too Small

Zara sizing is often on the snug side - 40% of the people we polled who have worn Zara clothing said that it runs small. TSR user fran.ha advises that people size up at Zara where possible, though Zara has previously come under fire for its relatively limited range of sizes. Zara uses lettered sizing, so it’s definitely worth taking a look at their size guide to find out which size to go for.

Check the Zara size guide

Shops like Mango and Zara are always ridiculously small in comparison to other stores. 


Topshop - Mostly Fits Just Right

Topshop sizing tends to be fairly true to size, though some people find that their clothes run a little smaller than other brands. If in doubt, order the size up to ensure a comfy fit.

Check the Topshop size guide

It does depend a little on the item but I'd say as a general rule they run a bit smaller. 


New Look - Fits Just Right

Good news - the TSR community are pretty much unanimous in saying that New Look clothing runs true to size, and it topped our poll of the brands most likely to fit just right. The main thing to watch out for is jeans - ellie0497 says they tend to run a little bigger, so you may want to consider downsizing on New Look jeans if you prefer a tighter fit.

Check the official New Look size guide

New Look sizing is usually true to size. If you shop from Topshop, I've noticed New Look sizing is slightly larger when it comes to jeans. 


H&M - Often Fits Too Small

H&M is notorious for its inconsistent sizing. In general, the TSR community finds that H&M clothes are smaller than their usual size, so it might be worth sizing up by one or two sizes, especially for things like trousers. However, H&M announced in mid-2018 that they were making their women’s clothing sizes bigger - if this solves the issue of their dodgy sizing for you, let other members know in the forums.

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Their clothes are always too long in the body and are always whole sizes smaller than they should be. At one point I couldn't fit into a size 16 trouser and I was a size 14 in all other shops. 


Boohoo - Mixed So Order Two Sizes

Just under half of the people we polled said that Boohoo clothing tends to run small, but some people on the forums have found Boohoo’s sizing generous. TSR user Disenchanted finds Boohoo’s sizing on the bigger side, so as is often the case, your best bet may be to order two sizes if you’re not sure and send one back (don’t forget to take advantage of their student discount!).

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I'm honestly finding Boohoo to be ridiculously big in their sizing. I advise getting a smaller size! 


Hollister - Mixed So Order Two Sizes

The jury’s out on Hollister - the TSR community seems to find the sizing a bit hit and miss. In general, the sizes seem to run small, but several people have reported that their normal size is very generous. Bear in mind that Hollister uses XS, S, M, L sizing rather than numbers, so it’s definitely worth checking their size charts before you buy.

Check the official Hollister size guide

River Island - Fits Too Big

River Island is a brand that seems to run a little bigger than usual - especially their jeans. If you’re between sizes and want to buy something from River Island, it could be worth trying the size down from your usual size to see if it’s a better fit.

Check the official River Island size guide

I sometimes fit into a size 8 there in jeans when I'm a size 10 practically everywhere else usually.


Primark - All Over The Place

Ooh, Primark. Where do we start… it doesn’t seem as if there’s much rhyme or reason to Primark’s sizing according to TSR users in this thread. However, in mid-2018 they announced that they were switching to lettered sizing rather than numerical sizing to improve consistency and inclusivity - if you’ve found that this has improved Primark’s sizing, let the community know in the forums.

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Primark clothing is just all over the place..... I don't shop there anymore but when I used to I had like a size 8 top, size 20 top, size 12 tops... and they all fitted. It was like a lucky dip in that place.


Pull&Bear - Fits Too Small

Pull&Bear is definitely one of those shops where the sizes run small, so when in doubt, size up. TSR user SHABANA says that their sizing is similar to Zara’s, so if you have Zara clothes, it may be worth looking for the same sizes in Pull&Bear.

Check the official Pull&Bear size guide

I've bought lots of stuff from Pull&Bear - they're good quality, but yes, their stuff is on the small side! It's wise buying a size up - even some of their dresses are on the more 'snug' side. 


All Saints - Fits Too Small

If you find that your normal size in All Saints is a little tight, you’re not alone - other TSR users agree with you. However, it doesn’t appear to be as big an issue as brands like H&M or Mango, so clothes in your normal size made from stretchier fabrics may fit just fine.

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Miss Selfridge

Lots of people in this thread say that Miss Selfridge sizing tends to fairly accurate, but leans towards the generous side, so you may need to size down when ordering their clothes.

Check the official Miss Selfridge size guide

I can easily get into the petite ranges, despite being 5'6, but generally the sizings match the sizes I am in most other shops. 


Dorothy Perkins - Fits Just Right

Dorothy Perkins gets a surprising amount of love on the TSR forums, with users like Paralove and DrawTheLine saying that their sizing is usually pretty accurate. This means that your usual size should also fit in Dorothy Perkins - hooray!

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