Eight movies that will have you crying with laughter

Whether you're having a manic Monday, terrible Thursday or Sunday fun-day, you've always got time for a giggle. So you're making the decision as to what you want to watch but you don't quite know. Jeanlucpicard shares his comedy favourites; here's a list of eight films to help you make your choices. 

hot fuzz

Hot Fuzz (15)

Hot Fuzz is an easy-to-watch film. Nick Frost (absolute legend) acts as Peggs partner in crime as they both play the role of police officers in the small village of Sandford. Crime is hard to come about in Sandford yet things take a turn and people start dropping like flies. Both Pegg and Frost investigate into what's happening, why are people suddenly vanishing with no trace? Don't miss this crime comedy, especially if you love the comedy duo that is Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. 

forgetting sarah marshall

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (15)

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is brilliant. Jason Segel (Peter) goes on holiday after breaking up with his girlfriend (Sarah Marshall) of five years. He quickly bumps into a new love interest of his Mila Kunis and they start hanging out. Awkward alert...Peter bumps into his ex whilst on holiday and it all kicks off as she's been having a bit fun with Aldous Snow who's played by the one and only Russell Brand. My favourite bit of the film? Definitely when Peter starts singing his Dracula musical he's been working on. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is a a rom-com, but definitely if you don't mind that and you love Mila Kunis, it's definitely worth a watch. 


Ted (15)

In short, Ted is about a bear that comes to life and creates all sorts of chaos with his best buddy John. Throughout the film Ted and John go through alot of embarrassing/ amazing moments (they meet the real life "the Flash"). Ted was created by Seth MacFarlane and as I love Family Guy and I had to give it a watch. To begin with I was a bit apprehensive as I find sometimes Seth MacFarlane can be a bit too try hard with screenplay (American Dad is awful) but I was in creases most of the time when watching. Not long until Ted 2 comes out now - will you be going to watch it?


Anchorman (12A)

The Legend of Ron Burgundy; and what a legend he is. Anchorman is very much a ridiculous comedy, but you can't ever hate the film. I especially like the news teams edition of 'Afternoon Delight'. if you actually haven't seen this film, then shame on you - go and watch it now. All you need to remember is to wear an aftershave called sex-panther, sixty percent of the time, it works every time.


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Step Brothers

Step Brothers (15)

Step Brothers never grows old. Dale and Brennan have a love hate relationship as they grow to learn to live with each others. They quickly learn that they both have a growing hate for Brennens brother Derek and realise they have alot more in common then they once thought. As two unemployed 40 year olds, they decide to make bunk beds, have water fights and love winding up their newly formed parents. If you love Will Ferrell films, then be prepared to get a box of tissues out as you will be literally be crying (with laughter) at the end of it all.

Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 (PG)

Fist pump! Fa-la-la-la-la. If you don't know what I mean by this, yeah you definitely haven't seen Big Hero 6. Film favourite of 2014 for me and to be honest, probably one of the best animation films out there as it's so funny and so clever. It's so good, I watched it twice in two days. In short, it's about an inflatable robot that helps his developer transform his group of friends in to a group of high tech heroes. A feel good comedy that will leave you smiling. Watch this film and it will change the way you give someone a high five - I guarantee you.

Grown Ups

Grown Ups (12A)

Adam Sandler is one of the funniest men in film comedy; the first film I ever watched of his was Happy Gilmore and I was literally (as the kids would say) ROFLing. I can relate with Grown Ups so much as it's about a group of four best mates that go on a retreat for a weekend with their families. My friends and I have the exact relationship that Lenny and his mates have, always taking the mick out of each other but at the end of the day, wouldn't change it for the world. So if you like the typical "lad banter" films, just chill out and watch this, it will definitely make you want to go away for the weekend - watch out for the maaaiiiizzzzeee though.


Airplane! (15)

This is, without a doubt, my favourite film of all time. Airplane! is very slapstick, so when/ if you watch it, make sure you take it with a pinch of salt. A word of warning for you, it's an old film and very poorly put together but this said, it makes the film so much funnier. Ted Striker is an ex fighter pilot that will do anything to get the love of his life back (Elaine). Ted buys a plane ticket on the same plane Elaine is air-hostessing on; both pilots on the aircraft become ill and Ted is the only one that can land the plane. Surely that's impossible? If you haven't watched it before, it may take a little while to get into, but I can't recommend this film enough. I'll leave you with a few funny quotes:

Ted Striker: Surely you can't be serious.
Rumack: I am serious... and don't call me Shirley. 

Rumack: You'd better tell the Captain we've got to land as soon as we can. This woman has to be gotten to a hospital.
Elaine Dickinson: A hospital? What is it?
Rumack: It's a big building with patients, but that's not important right now. 

What are your favourite comedy films? 

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