Cinema review- pakistani cinema


The reason for the constant decline of our film industry is in the list of utmost valued crisis of Pakistan. Where Pakistan have worst reputation in Terrorism and other political crisis, there to give a perfect view of day-to-day increase of crisis, it has a drowning reputation in its film industry too.Today our cinema houses remain useless and if we consider the releases of Indian movies of which we all are partial to an amazing extent or else the releases of the movies of Hollywood, we always start rushing to book seats to watch them but what about our Pakistani movies? Are we not destroying our competitors by supporting their released movies more than our own movies? or are we ashamed of watching our own movies...?

Yes, of course. I am feeling ashamed of our movies because instead of promoting our culture, our traditions, we are launching the so-called "Daba movies"which have never been the part of our culture, our traditions. No one would ever like to watch these and I am probably abashed to say that today we take care of our children not to have a glimpse of the advertisement of such vulgar movies which include "Mujras", (vulgar dancing), stage drama actresses that have stooped so low that their self-respect even does not matter to them. And we, Furhtermore have vulgarity-soaking jokes, to say in Pakistani language, " jhoghtan"

Once I was sitting in my mums room watching TV when my mum accidentally tuned on to one certain channel that was airing a stage drama and she hastily changed the channel. I, on the other hand, was unable to take in why my mother is so keen to thwart me from watching these dramas but since I have started to grow up and it was a matter of time when I learned why my mother use to do it. This is because these dramas are the best source of getting close to vulgarity. Even our actresses of such dramas are ashamed themselves!

Today more than half of Pakistani audience is determine to watch Indian movies. Yet Indian movies are vulgar but they have a worth-watching story and themes worth admiring and our children even prefer to watch these movies which of course have a worst impact on our film industry's reputation, Nevertheless I feel a great mixture of pride and pleasure to mention that some of our directors are just acting like rising stars who have done so much hard work to introduce good themes of movies . These rising stars include Mehreen Jabar, Shuaib Mansoor and Reema Khan.

The latest movie that the people of Pakistan are crazy to watch is " Ram Chand Pakistani" and "Khuda Ke liye". These movies include inspiriting truths about Islam and are a great slap on the faces of those extremist who have been taking an active part to discriminate Islam while wearing the masks of great Muslims and have been spreading misconceptions throughout the past years. "Ram Chand Pakistani" is another Pakistani-talent-proving film that is pictured upon the people of India as prisoners in Pakistan and Pakistani people as prisoners in India and this movie is the exact picture of violence, and wrong doings of both Indians and Pakistanis. Pakistan and India share a fair amount of criticism for their wrong-doings in this movie.

But yet our showbiz and film industry needs more creative directors to improve their condition in this field and most of all, our directors need proper support from our government because without the help of Government, our image in the world of showbiz cannot be improved.

I would, moreover like to mention that the directors who have at least 1 billion for one movie, are spending at least 1 lac on each movie and are making almost ten movies out of the money they have to spend on one movie, this is the reason of constant decline of our film industry and our cinemas are getting deserted day by day.

Another factor of the decline of our film industry and cinemas is lack of investment. A recent report of a correspondent of a local channel tells us that cinemas in Punjab have unhygienic environment ( not to mention, our cinemas are so warmly welcoming us with squeaks of rats and cats) where there are mosquitoes and maggots. What is more, the screen is as clear as the screen of 60's would be and beware that it can cause serious headaches as well.

Additionally, our Pakistani audience have got fed up of watching the same old faces in all these movies including " Saima", "Rasham", "Nurgis", Sana","Reema", "Shan" and "Babar Ali". Come on everyone! we need new faces. We of course want new faces, We don't want to watch the same stories where the hero, surviving after being shot 5 times with gun and comes to kill the villain in the end, We need a definite change and if we don't take serious measures for the change, we can't be successful.

" A person who won't die for something is not fit to live", in the same way we should work as hard as we can so that we can prove that we have got the enthusiasm, the others lack, we have confidence, the others desire and we have guts that we will even die in order to save our country's reputation, after all we have had a leader like Quide-e-Azam who have proved himself by giving up his health in order to scarifies for the sake of freedom and we should follow in his footsteps and keep working for the country until our last breath."

Entertainment Review by Marryam Suleman