Recipe - bolognese - The Student Room


  • mince for two or three people
  • an onion
  • a small carrot
  • two large cans of chopped tomatoes (I recommend Neapolitina, they're tasty, and often on special offer. Supermarket own brand are tasteless)
  • herbs (I use some mixed herbs, extra basil, and garlic puree.)
  • You may need lots of tomato puree if your tomatoes weren't up to par


  1. Fry up the mince and onions
  2. Add carrot and most of the chopped tomatoes. Retain a handful of the chopped tomatoes (but none of the juice)
  3. Leave to simmer for a couple of hours till it's reduced to the right consistency
  4. Add herbs and the rest of the tomatoes
  5. Serve with pasta!