Easy recipes to cook at uni

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Fending for yourself at uni brings with it the inevitable need to cook. You might be able to survive for a while on takeaways, all-you-can-eat pizza and the kindness of flatmates, but after a while you're going to start craving something a bit more 'home comfort'. 

For some fortunate souls, whipping up a storm in the kitchen comes naturally. For others, the mere sight of a saucepan is enough to have them sprinting for the microwave burger section at the 24-hour shop.

Either way, these recipes (shared with us by the lovely folks at Sorted) will help. They're dead easy to make - no random herbs or bizarre preparation needed here - but they're also a bit more interesting than the standard 'oh you're a student, here's how to make toast' rubbish. For one thing, there's a chocolate cake you can make in about five minutes with a mug and a microwave. Yep, really

Throughout Freshers we're adding new recipes to this page, so you can ease yourself into the early days of uni with a bit of decent tucker. Give them a go and - if you've got a great recipe to share - add it to the TSR recipe book (where you'll also find plenty more ridiculously easy ways to eat well). 

Bacon and cabbage spaghetti
Italian chicken burger
Choc cake in a mug
Sausage cassoulet
Meatball pasta bake
Rocky road 

mug cake