Recipe - french lettuce and peas



Crisp lettuce like Iceberg or Little Gem Frozen peas Veg or chicken stock (just a little depending on how much veg you've got) White wine (optional)


Break up the lettuce and put it, with the peas, into a wide pan on the heat. By the time the pan is hot the peas will have defrosted and the lettuce will have started to wilt. Add acouple of splashes of white wine and let it steam off for a bit. Add the stock and let it reduce just a little. Don't cook this too long so that the veg still has some bite.


This is the fastest veg recipe I know and is easy to adapt to one portion or many. It's a bistro classic and goes with nearly anything; you can vary it by adding soft herbs (parsley, mint or coriander) or a squeeze of lemon.