Recipe - on toasts - The Student Room

On Toasts

  • Beans on Toast
  • Beans De Luxe - fry up onion and bacon bits before adding beans. Yummo!
  • Cheese on Beans on Toast (You may even wish to cook the cheese with the beans creating the 'Cheesey Beans' speciality.)
  • Mackeral mixed with ketchup on Toast
  • Chopped Bananas on toast (Surprisingly tasty - You may wish to heat the banana for a couple of minutes too)
  • Cheese on Toast - added Lea and Perrins sauce optional
  • Pizza toast - ketchup, salami and cheese, with oregano if you have it/can be bothered
  • Marshmallows and nutella - sounds wrong but is oh so right...
  • Sardines on toast - buy sardines in tomato sauce in a tin and mix with mayonnaise and Worcestershire Sauce.
  • Bacon and Brie on toast - can also go for apple/grape/brie.
  • Philadelphia cheese and carrot chutney on toast.
  • Feta cheese and sauteed mushrooms on wholemeal toast - healthy yet tasty
  • Chunky duck & liver pate on granary toast - sexy toast
  • Chopped tomatoes on toast - heat up some tinned tomatoes in a tin, add salt and pepper, enjoy. Simple but nice.
  • Mushrooms on toast - Chop and fry them. Add lemon juice and black pepper before eating.
  • Scrambled egg on toast - don't over cook the eggs. Great with a bit of ketchup.