Recipe - pepper and mushroom omelette


One tablespoon of cooking oil (or a knob of butter) Two eggs One small pepper (red, yellow or green, it's your choice) Two mushrooms Cheese (you decide how much)


Firstly, switch the oven on to its hottest.

Put the oil/butter on a heated frying pan and swivel the pan so the fat spreads out.

Chop the pepper and mushrooms into small, thin slices, put them in the frying pan and place a lid on top so they cook nice and quickly.

Now crack the eggs into a mug/small bowl and whisk them.

Pour the egg into the frying pan with the pepper and mushroom.

Let this cook for about 30 seconds then place into the oven.

Grate some cheese and, after the frying pan has been in the oven for about one minute, put the cheese on top, covering as much of the omelette as possible.

Place the omelette back in the oven and take it out when the cheese has melted.


Probably one of the best substantial meals in terms of how quickly and cheaply it is to make.

Of course, don't limit yourself to just pepper and mushroom. Experiment with other food like ham, chopped onions, or tomatoes.