Recipe - perfect rice - The Student Room


  • Rice
  • Water

Method 1

This simple method ensures you get the fluffiest rice ever.

1. Place the desired quantity of rice into a saucepan

2. Add boiling water in a ratio of three cups of water for every cup of rice. It doesn't matter how big your cup is as long as you use the same one for both.

3. Place the saucepan on a medium heat, cover and leave for 12 minutes. Check back occasionally to check there is enough water in the saucepan.

4. After 12 minutes test the rice - if it is tender without and hardness it is done - if theres slight hardness give the rice 1 -2 more minutes.

5. Drain off any excess water.

6. Leave covered in the pan (off the heat) for 2-3 minutes

7. You can now serve your extra fluffy rice :)

Method 2

This method gets the best results but takes much more effort:

1. Measure the amount of rice you want in rough terms by counting how many cups/part cups it fills

2. Thoroughly rinse the rice under the cold tap using a sieve until the water runs clear. If you are a student it is unlikely you have a sieve, but someone who lives near you may so get asking. If you can't find one, improvise.

3. Put the rice in a saucepan and add three times (by volume) of water than the rice, using the number of cups of rice you measured previously as a guide.


4a. Put the lid on and let the rice cook for 10 mins or until it tastes done, adding extra water if and when needed.


4b. Keep the lid off, and stir the rice for 10 mins or until it tastes done. Remember to constantly add more water or else you will have loads of rice stuck to your pan. This step will make the rice sticky- idea for Chinese food.

5. Put the rice back in the sieve and rinse with boiling water until the starch washes away.

This method will give the rice a different texture to the above.

Method 3

1. Buy boil in the bag rice.

2. Boil it for the length of time it says on the pack.

3. Fish the bag out from the water, tear open and serve.

Method 4

1. Buy a rice cooker

2. Put the rice in rice cooker and add the amount of water it tells you to add.

3. Press the cook button and it will tell you when the rice is done.


Unless you've been eating rice several times a week for the past few years, NEVER leave rice in the fridge and eat it later. A bacterium, Bacillus cereus is almost always present on rice grains. This bacterium produces a very toxic substance which can make people very sick. Luckily, this species is very easily cooked by boiling, however its spores are not. Leaving rice in the fridge, even if it is only for a short while gives the spores the chance to grow and produce toxins which can give you very bad stomach upsets if you eat it again. Reheating the rice in a way which doesn't mess it up will not stop this problem! So, unless you want to be on the toilet all day never reheat rice.


Don't stir your rice as it cooks. Stirring releases starch from the rice causing it to be harder and stickier than it should be. In fact, try to keep the lid on as much as possible or the steam will escape. Step 6 helps the rice fluff up more, however, you can skip it if you're short of time and don't mind slightly less fluffy rice. Rice makes a great base to a meal. Try it with one of the meals in the TSR Recipe Boo