Recipe - spinach and ricotta pie


  • Filo pastry - frozen JusRol (or similar) or chilled - the frozen is better as it comes ready-rolled
  • 1 tub of ricotta soft cheese
  • 1 bag of fresh (baby) spinach
  • A little milk
  • Plain flour (to dust surfaces with when rolling out)


  • If you're using frozen filo, make sure you give it long enough to defrost before dinner; if using fresh, get it out of the fridge now to warm up
  • Chop the stalks off the spinach, to stop it tasty stringy
  • Put as much of the spinach as possible with one or two tablespoons of water in the biggest pan you have
  • Cook over a low heat, frequently turning the spinach over so the bottom doesn't become over-cooked.


You can make a number of variations on this recipe - for example, in what else you put into this pie. I've made it with chicken (in which case you need to cook about 300-400g of chopped/diced chicken breast until it is white all the way through, but remember it will be cooked further in the pie); if you like your pie very creamy, or can't get ricotta cheese, a tub of mascarpone will do. For added texture for vegetarians, you can add pine nuts and diced feta cheese.