Recipe - Steak Carbonara

Recipe - Steak Carbonara

Recipe for 1, multiply for more people... also this can be done with any meat really, i didnt have any bacon in so i swapped it for some steak - was really nice

theres no set measurements for these, i will describe how much i use in the method


pasta - few handfulls per person

olive oil rosemary 1 lemon

2 eggs

double cream / thick cream

grated cheese - as much as desired




this is optional, but i think it really adds to the recipe

get a rectangular dish or a large bowl if you dont have one - add 2 to 3 large glugs of olive oil, juice of 1 lemon (and rind of half lemon if you want it really lemony) then add a few handfulls of rosemary, or a few pinches if you have one of those rosemary jars

stir this together, and let yout stakes marinate in the mixture for 20 mins - giving them a good soaking (if rushed for time 5 mins)

put the pasta in pan, add few pinches of salt and a glug of olive oil - boil kettle, add to pan and simmer your pasta

as this is going on - get the eggs

crack one egg into a large bowl

crack the other egg into a cup / small bowl - with a large spoon fish out the yolk, and with a knife try to seperate it from the egg white - then add the yolk to the other egg - dispose of the egg white

add the cream - if you have a soup spoon i recommend 2 and a half big spoonfulls per person

add grated cheese - i like my cheese so put quite a lot in, but as a rough guide, grate a large handful, add it to the bowl

mix this all together and it should go into a creamy mixture

this should only take a few minutes


if you have marinated the steaks, take them out and put them in a frying pan - if not, add a little olive oil to the pan - fry on a medium heat to your choice (rare / med.rare / med / well done etc)

this should take about 4-8 mins

you can chop the steaks into strips before your marinate them, after your marinate them after youve cooked them - i recommend doing it before you marinate them as it allows for more of the mixture to be absorbed

by now your pasta should be cooked, drain out the water, and add the egg mixture to the pan along with the strips of steak

on a medium heat stir the mixture for about 1 1/2 - 2 minutes - just enough to cook the egg - add some pepper serve immediately