Recipe - Sweet Chilli Noodles

Sweet Chilli Noodles



  • sweet chilli sauce - I use blue dragon, which is available with lime as well which is lush but any sweet chilli sauce will do.
  • meat or fish- chicken or bacon or prawns or whatever floats your boat, a mix can be extra tasty!
  • vegetables- onion, carrot, peppers (fresh or frozen)- use almost anything you want, as many or as little depending on what you like!
  • noodles- Sharwood noodles are good but any type are fine
  • soy sauce
  • garlic
  • coconut and lemongrass- can be got in large supermarkets normally dried and crushed but fresh works perfectly as well.



  1. boil off the noodles for a few minutes as the directions describe and drain well and leave to the side.
  2. using a wok or large frying pan, heat some oil and add the meat/fish until cooked through
  3. add vegetables and garlic and coconut and lemongrass
  4. fry off for 5-10mins
  5. add noodles to wok, add sweet chilli and soy sauce as desired, and fry off until the noodles have been heated back through and serve.

Try changing it up with what's added, adding different sauces makes a nice change, or using rice instead of noodles!