Recipe - toblerone cheesecake - The Student Room



  • 75g Digestive or Hob Nob biscuits crumbed
  • 75g butter


  • 400g bar Toblerone (you will have about 1/3 left over)
  • 250g Philadelphia soft cheese
  • 150g caster sugar
  • 250g creme fraiche
  • 250ml double cream


  • 150ml double cream


Make the base

  • melt butter in medium pan over low heat, stir in biscuit crumbs
  • turn out the buttery crumb mix into tin or divide into ramekins (see notes in comments) pat mix down to compress
  • chill in fridge to set and continue to main cheesecake preparation


  • break off about 1/3 Toblerone peaks, place in sandwich bag, use rolling pin to smash them into small chunks
  • put all other cheesecake ingredients into bowl, whisk until smooth
  • stir in Toblerone pieces, empty into tin or divide into ramekins over the base mix, try to make it as even as possible
  • place into fridge to set - at least 2 hours


  • break off 1/3 of Toblerone, melt in small bowl over pan of simmering water
  • stir in double cream a little at a time
  • slowly pour the melted topping onto cheesecakes, cover as evenly as possible
  • one last chill in the fridge to set - about 1 hour


    • This is a chilled cheesecake as opposed to a baked one and I like to make mine in those little glass ramekins (Gu desserts come in them) as it means everyone gets their own little portion and it looks nice too plus I don't like messing about with tins - but if you prefer you can use a 23cm (8") springform tin if you prefer one big cheesecake. Otherwise this recipe will use 6 ramekin dishes (7.5cm/3" wide by 4cm/1.5" deep approx)
    • Variations: you could vary this by using white or dark chocolate Toblerone, or try using any of your fave choccy friend reported good results using Crunchie bars (they must have been good as I never got to sample them!)
    • Oh, I almost forgot..that 1/3 Toblerone left over? Cooks perk..share it with someone special. Or scoff it on your own when everyone's gone to bed :)

Indulge and enjoy! x