Tsr league of legends summoners

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Feel free to add yourself so that we can play some games! If wikicode scares you, just leave your details at the bottom, and someone will format them into the table.
Everyone's on the EU West server unless noted otherwise.

Note on editing the table: I couldn't find a way to sort the ranks properly, so it's currently sorting alphabetically. I've cheated the system by putting more spaces in front of the higher ranks - fiddle with this to get the ranks to line up properly!

TSR Name ↓ Summoner Name ↓ Rank ↓ Preferred Position/Champion/Role
Pingzite Pingzite Gold V Mid/Jungle/Katarina
A Moist Feeling ViciousHeadGash Unranked (lvl 30) Support Mainly/Thresh is fave
aflyingfarmer JohnnyWilko Silver II Top / Nasus
Alexfromjungle AbsoluteFusion Silver IV basically everything ;)
alexh42 igotsuspended0 (?) ??? Anything other than Jungle and ADC
Ambry Ambrynni Unranked (lvl 19) Support- Sona, Mid- Lux
Anythingoo1 Seràph Gold IV AD Carry > Jungle > Support > Top.
Architecture-er Fyreblade
TSR Miasma
Gold V Mid > Supp > Top > Jungle
Artymess Artymess
Silver II Jungle supreme
azamk b11hitman Gold II ???
Benny100 Bennysonlfp Gold I Support/Adc
BestWingmanEver Be Afraid Silver IV Mid/ADC/Jungle/Support/Top in that order
Boylsie vChrisz (?) Gold IV ???
Braddersd94 classed Unranked (lvl 30) ???
Bude8 GetChanceAndLuck
Bronze I anything but support (I'm not Madlife :()
ByronicHero ??? ??? ???
Cath-ay Cathiie Silver Support/Jungle
Coldeversince gatekeeper dolan (?) Plat IV Jungle
Crystal Fighter jintachi Silver III ???
Danny111 DrussIV Plat V jungle > mid > top with Shy/Mundo.
DavidYorkshireFTW xDav Unranked (lvl 15) Top/Bottom
diapason Evil Organist Silver II Nocturne Jungle/Singed Top
Elcor ??? ??? ???
Epic Flawless Epic Flawless Unranked (lvl 30) Jungle
Esteta ??? ??? ???
eXemp SoundsStorm (?) Gold V Top
Ezanderi Ezanderi Unranked (lvl 30) Pref ADC or mid
fajitamunch legacybling Gold II Sup
Feloreena Feloreena Unranked (lvl 30) Support/Jungle, but flexible if needed
fubarite aigroti Gold V AP Riven... and more?
gambit5 MogarIsMyAlt (?) Silver IV Main adc/jungle
gamerhi gamerhi Unranked (lvl 30) ???
generaljonny generaljonny Silver III ???
Hal.E.Lujah Pavonis Plat "Anywhere but Meta"
Helioghost Helioghost Unranked (lvl 30) Pref top, then supp, then ADC. Farming all day.
iCiaran iCiaran Gold IV ADC>MID
In One Ear WinningIsCool Unranked (lvl 30) ???
lNurl ???
[M00N PoWeR]
Silver IV support
jackpot95 JKMaximus Unranked (lvl 30) Jungle/Top, terrible Support(apparently :P)
jaek13456 VirtualMuffin Unranked (lvl 30) ADC
Jullith Jullith Unranked (lvl 30) ADC > Support > Mid > Top > Jungle
Just A Mike Manglyminge Silver I ADC/Jungle/Support
kitanajane KitanaFae Unranked (lvl 12) ???
Ntodd Kryptx (?) Plat V ???
LazySod John2 Silver I can't play any role well
Lol_Fish hi im varus (?) Diamond 4 ADC
Lozzaa - Plat V ADC
Luckylaurax luckylaurax Unranked (lvl 17) ???
Lilypear WhiskeyLily Unranked (lvl 30) Mid/ADC/Support
Mh12345 Chemilol Unranked (lvl 30) support
MissNix MissNix Unranked (lvl 26) Mid/Support sometimes jungle. Main: Lux/Karma
MrProff Lord Proffitt Gold V support
MujtabaBajwa Traits Silver III Mid/Jungle mostly and top sometimes
MyNameIsRay Rayzard Gold II ???
Nvmthenaqme ??? ??? ???
oikoik selvascura (EUNE) Silver V ???
Pedd SherbetRainbow Unranked (lvl 22) AP Mid Assassin
Penguinsaysquack PSQ Plat V ADC
pkiy soviecki Bronze IV ???
Porpuga Porpuga Platinum IV Mid > ADC > Jungle
radiopred Divineprophecy Bronze I ???
SaadKaleem Saadz Silver V (Haven't played rankeds in ages) ALL Roles
samiito Simqly Unranked (24) Mid>ADC>Top>Support>Jungle/ Kayle/Jinx/Ryze/Morgana/Warwick
Samst1tt Skumbag Lece Gold V Jungle Main, Vi, Xin, Rammus, Zac,
Serano Durfain
Diamond 3 Mid/Jungle > Top > Support > ADC
Solinmeow solinmeow Silver III Supp/ADC/TOP
supersaad255 supersaad255 Plat I Top
Szereza Szereza Unranked ADC / Support / Mid / Top / Noob Jungler
Tabitha. chemikalische Unranked (lvl 10) ADC / Bot
TalentedLobster j4m35D Silver 5 Sup>Top>ADC Braum/Leona/Mundo/Irellia/Jax/Corki/Trist/Lucian
The Shanus GetFreakyWithMe Gold III Mid/Top/ADC
ThatMusicStudent warbird1100 Bronze V Support mainly: Janna, GP, Thresh, Karma.
Thuly Beyonder 2 Unranked (lvl 21) ADC>Mid
Vowe Vowe Gold III ADC/Jungle
Wilder Airs Slizzer348 Unranked (lvl 30) anything other than ADC :P
ZakV Shaijira Silver I Supp>Jung>ADC>Mid>Top
zhang599 Squshy Targaryen Diamond V Anywhere but top!
Darthmixalot Darthmixalot Gold V Jungle/Mid
The Financier Omniscience Unranked (lvl 11) ADC with Lucian/Graves/Ashe
Corpeal Corpeal Unranked (Gold V last season) All lanes, prefer mid and top