Tsr league of legends summoners

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Feel free to add yourself so that we can play some games! If wikicode scares you, just leave your details at the bottom, and someone will format them into the table. 
Everyone's on the EU West server unless noted otherwise. 

Note on editing the table: I couldn't find a way to sort the ranks properly, so it's currently sorting alphabetically. I've cheated the system by putting more spaces in front of the higher ranks - fiddle with this to get the ranks to line up properly! 

TSR Name   Summoner Name   Rank   Preferred Position/Champion/Role

PingzitePingziteGold VMid/Jungle/Katarina

A Moist FeelingViciousHeadGashUnranked (lvl 30)Support Mainly/Thresh is fave

aflyingfarmerJohnnyWilkoSilver IITop / Nasus

AlexfromjungleAbsoluteFusionSilver IVbasically everything ;)

alexh42igotsuspended0 (?) ???Anything other than Jungle and ADC

AmbryAmbrynniUnranked (lvl 19)Support- Sona, Mid- Lux

Anythingoo1SeràphGold IVAD Carry > Jungle > Support > Top.

TSR MiasmaGold VMid > Supp > Top > Jungle

[Doesn'tKnowHowToPlayVsThresh]Silver IIJungle supreme

azamkb11hitmanGold II ???

Benny100BennysonlfpGold ISupport/Adc

BestWingmanEverBe AfraidSilver IVMid/ADC/Jungle/Support/Top in that order

BoylsievChrisz (?)Gold IV ???

Braddersd94classedUnranked (lvl 30) ???

[Bude8]Bronze Ianything but support (I'm not Madlife :()

ByronicHero ??? ??? ???


Coldeversincegatekeeper dolan (?)Plat IVJungle

Crystal FighterjintachiSilver III ???

Danny111DrussIVPlat Vjungle > mid > top with Shy/Mundo.

DavidYorkshireFTWxDavUnranked (lvl 15)Top/Bottom

diapasonEvil OrganistSilver IINocturne Jungle/Singed Top

Elcor ??? ??? ???

Epic FlawlessEpic FlawlessUnranked (lvl 30)Jungle

Esteta ??? ??? ???

eXempSoundsStorm (?)Gold VTop

EzanderiEzanderiUnranked (lvl 30)Pref ADC or mid

fajitamunchlegacyblingGold IISup

FeloreenaFeloreenaUnranked (lvl 30)Support/Jungle, but flexible if needed

fubariteaigrotiGold VAP Riven... and more?

gambit5MogarIsMyAlt (?)Silver IVMain adc/jungle

gamerhigamerhiUnranked (lvl 30) ???

generaljonnygeneraljonnySilver III ???

Hal.E.LujahPavonisPlat"Anywhere but Meta"

HelioghostHelioghostUnranked (lvl 30)Pref top, then supp, then ADC. Farming all day.

iCiaraniCiaranGold IVADC>MID

In One EarWinningIsCoolUnranked (lvl 30) ???

lNurl ??? 
[M00N PoWeR]Silver IVsupport

jackpot95JKMaximusUnranked (lvl 30)Jungle/Top, terrible Support(apparently :P)

jaek13456VirtualMuffinUnranked (lvl 30)ADC

JullithJullithUnranked (lvl 30)ADC > Support > Mid > Top > Jungle

Just A MikeManglymingeSilver IADC/Jungle/Support

kitanajaneKitanaFaeUnranked (lvl 12) ???

NtoddKryptx (?)Plat V ???

LazySodJohn2Silver Ican't play any role well

Lol_Fishhi im varus (?)Diamond 4ADC

Lozzaa-Plat VADC

LuckylauraxluckylauraxUnranked (lvl 17) ???

LilypearWhiskeyLilyUnranked (lvl 30)Mid/ADC/Support

Mh12345ChemilolUnranked (lvl 30)support

MissNixMissNixUnranked (lvl 26)Mid/Support sometimes jungle. Main: Lux/Karma

MrProffLord ProffittGold Vsupport

MujtabaBajwaTraitsSilver IIIMid/Jungle mostly and top sometimes

MyNameIsRayRayzardGold II ???

Nvmthenaqme ??? ??? ???

oikoikselvascura (EUNE)Silver V ???

PeddSherbetRainbowUnranked (lvl 22)AP Mid Assassin

PenguinsaysquackPSQPlat VADC

pkiysovieckiBronze IV ???

PorpugaPorpugaPlatinum IVMid > ADC > Jungle

radiopredDivineprophecyBronze I ???

SaadKaleemSaadzSilver V (Haven't played rankeds in ages)ALL Roles

samiitoSimqlyUnranked (24)Mid>ADC>Top>Support>Jungle/ Kayle/Jinx/Ryze/Morgana/Warwick

Samst1ttSkumbag LeceGold VJungle Main, Vi, Xin, Rammus, Zac,

[NecroDragonheart]Diamond 3Mid/Jungle > Top > Support > ADC

SolinmeowsolinmeowSilver IIISupp/ADC/TOP

supersaad255supersaad255Plat ITop

SzerezaSzerezaUnrankedADC / Support / Mid / Top / Noob Jungler

Tabitha.chemikalischeUnranked (lvl 10)ADC / Bot

TalentedLobsterj4m35DSilver 5Sup>Top>ADC Braum/Leona/Mundo/Irellia/Jax/Corki/Trist/Lucian

The ShanusGetFreakyWithMeGold IIIMid/Top/ADC

ThatMusicStudentwarbird1100Bronze VSupport mainly: Janna, GP, Thresh, Karma.

ThulyBeyonder 2Unranked (lvl 21)ADC>Mid

VoweVoweGold IIIADC/Jungle

Wilder AirsSlizzer348Unranked (lvl 30)anything other than ADC :P

ZakVShaijiraSilver ISupp>Jung>ADC>Mid>Top

zhang599Squshy TargaryenDiamond VAnywhere but top!

DarthmixalotDarthmixalotGold VJungle/Mid

The FinancierOmniscienceUnranked (lvl 11)ADC with Lucian/Graves/Ashe

CorpealCorpealUnranked (Gold V last season)All lanes, prefer mid and top