Get fit at uni with Myprotein supplement essentials

So, you’ve just moved to uni, settled in, and maybe even signed up to the campus gym (good for you!), but now what?

Without your parents’ bottomless fridge and bank account, you might be feeling a little lost, so we’re here to make the transition from long holidays to term time a little more bearable. From tasty post-gym snacks to steering clear of fresher’s flu, Myprotein’s got you covered with

Your core essentials

Whether you’ve been running on the treadmill or to make it to lectures, Myprotein's got the fuel you need to get you through. Our snacks and supplements are a convenient way to make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need to keep up with your busy timetable — without eating into your precious loan.

Start with a shake

whey protein

The most versatile (and obvious) offering from us. Mix Impact Whey Protein into your oats, smoothie, or simply mix with water for a tasty snack. Packed with protein, it’ll help keep you feeling full and comes in loads of delicious flavours such as Chocolate Peanut Butter and Salted Caramel.

Really got into the gym because you have way too much free time? This extra protein boost will help you to build and maintain muscle. At just under 55p per serving (price for 1kg pouch), it’ll help you keep that bank balance a bit healthier too.

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Prefer a light and juicy drink after your workout? Feel refreshed and shake up some Essential BCAAs 2:1:1 blend. This is the perfect blend of the three branched chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine — the three amino acids that power up muscle building.

We know you’ll be living off baked beans as your bank balance dips, so it’s also a great option for pumping up the nutritional value of your meals. These three essential amino acids are great for making a low-protein meal a little more useful to your muscles.

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Thanks to your zero contact hours a week, you’re getting to spend far too much time in the gym and it’s getting serious. You’ve gone from going out every night of the week to wondering how to hit that next one rep max. It’s time to try creatine.

This wonder supplement is proven to improve explosive movement, so those sprints, or huge deadlifts can be taken to the next level. Impress your housemates as you lift double their weight in no time at all.

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pre workout protein

Whether you’ve not slept for 3 weeks while you finish your dissertation, or just need a bit of a boost before the gym now you’re nocturnal, a pre-workout can be a pretty handy solution. Caffeine is a great way to boost your concentration and your workout stamina.

Our pre-workout blend also contains vitamin C and niacin to give you the energy to battle through that 9am lecture after a big night out.

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Free Yourself from Fresher’s Flu

You’ve been out the past 8 nights in a row, lived off cups of coffee and far too much value range vodka and it’s finally got to you. Gone are the days of boasting “I never get ill” — there’s none of your mum’s chicken and veggie soup to save you this time. Luckily, Myprotein has got exactly what your sore throat and stuffy nose needs.

Daily Multivitamin


If you haven’t seen — let alone eaten — a vegetable in at least a week, then this specially developed blend of vitamins will help to keep you fighting fit. Vitamin C will give your immune system that well-needed boost, while riboflavin will help you to find the energy to drag yourself out from under the duvet. It also contains vitamins A, E, and D, and well as niacin and thiamine to help you fight off the coughs and sneezes that have been splattered across the lecture hall.

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Zinc and Magnesium

zinc and magnesium

Need an anti-fatigue and flu-fighting formula? Look no further. Zinc will help to keep your immune system healthy, while the blend with vitamin B6 will keep you feeling energised. Magnesium is essential for healthy bones, so you’ll be able to keep up with the most seasoned students on the dance floor, or in the gym.

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Fresher’s flu taking over, but you’ve got to power through this assignment and be up to 4 am knocking back shots, so it’s time to call in the big guns. Thermopure is the energy-boosting blend that’ll get you through to the other side and ready for more.

With caffeine from green tea extract, along with a healthy scoop of b vitamins, you’ll have the concentration to blast through that assignment and the energy to be the life of the party.

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Turn up on trend this semester

You’ve beaten fresher’s flu and blasted through the gym and assignments. Now, it’s time to look effortlessly cool as you slump on the sofa watching daytime TV, sweat it out in the gym, or daydream in your Friday afternoon lecture.

Myprotein Fashion Wear For Him

For your rest days:

Luxe Lite Joggers

luxe joggers

These sleek fit joggers use a lightweight, breathable fabric to keep you looking cool and feeling comfortable as you recover from the hangover from hell or heavy leg day. With secure pockets for your phone and wallet and an elasticated waistband, they’re ideal for all-day relaxation.

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Coordinates Oversized T-Shirt


oversized t-shirt

With dropped shoulders and oversized style, this is a key piece for any student wardrobe. Even better, the cool camo pattern will draw onlookers away from the bags under your eyes as you trudge to and from lectures.

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Coordinates Sweatshirt



Stay cosy in your ice-cold student house with this soft brushed-back fleece sweatshirt. A big fuzzy jumper is a student essential. In fact, in the dead of winter, you’ll need at least five, so add them to your basket. Now.

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For your gym days:

Sprint 7-inch shorts



With laser-cut panels for ultimate breathability and woven stretch fabric, you can get your sweat on with shorts that will support every twist and turn of your workout. The secure zip pockets are perfect for stashing away your phone and all-important student card.

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Dry-Tech Infinity T-Shirt


dry tech t-shirt

Stay fresh through every session with this sweat-wicking t-shirt that has an anti-bacterial finish — it’s a must-have.

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Myprotein Fashion Wear For Her

For your rest days

Shape Seamless Crop Top

seamless shape top

This form-fitting top, with defining knit technology will feel like a second skin as you power through your workout. With sweat-wicking technology and special fit for movability, you can stay cool and comfortable while you get your sweat on

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Logo Crop Top


crop top

A crop top is a staple for any wardrobe, but this one with its oversized style and branded back detail is both comfy and cool. The flattering cropped length means it looks good with your favourite pair of jeans, or gym leggings.

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For your gym days

Power Colour Block Leggings



Make a statement at the squat rack with these leggings. The bold colour panels will make sure you’re seen, while the high-waisted fit make comfort the priority. You can get on with your workout thanks to the enhanced coverage, suitable for all training types.

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Power Colour Block Sports Bra


sports bra

With bold leggings like that, you need a sports bra to match. With standout colours and mesh back design for breathability, you’ll look and feel good blasting through a workout. The racer cut back gives you full freedom to move and make the most of your workout.

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Acid Wash Reach Vest


acid wash vest

This is the perfect day-to-night item. Give your gym look an edge, or pair it with your favourite jeans and trainers for effortless style. The dropped armholes combined with lightweight fabric make perfect for layering whether you’re hitting the gym or the library.

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There are a few key staples that can make a student’s life all the easier. Whether it’s what you lug your laptop around in or keeping warm in the winter months, there are a few accessories that will make a big difference.

Utility Holdall

holdall bag

Perfect for a weekend at home, or carrying your bits and pieces to the gym, the utility holdall is built to fit in everything you need. It’s got a dual handle for carrying, as well as an adjustable shoulder strap for comfort. With a water-resistant finish and handy compartments, you can keep your valuables accessible and safe.

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Barrel Bag


barrel bag

Perfect for a weekend at home, or carrying your bits and pieces to the gym, the barrel bag is nice and spacious. It’s got a dual handle for carrying, as well as an adjustable shoulder strap for comfort. Got accessories? Pop them in the Velcro side pockets to keep them safe.

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Double-Walled Bottle


double walled bottle

There’s nothing more important than staying well hydrated (or caffeinated) while you’re working hard. This water bottle makes that easy. Keep your water nice and cool or your coffee piping hot to sip on through the day.

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Check out more of our styles and supplements fit for students onsite and Myprotein — there's something for every gym and rest day. Don't forget the 35% off discount using STUDENT35 or CLOTHING35 at checkout!

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