Cardio aerobic exercises

Cardio Aerobic Exercises


Uses of Rowing

Rowing is excellent for all-round fitness, working all the major muscles groups, resulting in great calorie expenditure.

For most people, machines such as the Concept II indoor rower provide a good simulation of the real thing, without getting your feet wet.


Perfect technique on an indoor rower requires a five phase approach, along with a few simple pointers.

In simple terms remember legs / arms / arms / legs.

Push the legs, pull the arms, relax the arms then relax the legs.

These simple techniques can be used for most makes of indoor rowers, however its always worth reading or watching any video techniques that are available with different machines.

As with most exercise, if you perform wrongly, you can run the risk of injury - focus on keeping the action smooth and under control.

The Catch
At the start of the stroke, your arms should be straight and relaxed, your legs bent, with your shins vertical and your body tilted forwards slightly. Your back should be firm.

The Drive part one
Without bending your arms, push your legs down to drive you back along the machine. Keep your back firm with your body tilted forward.

The Drive part two
Continue to push with your legs and bring your body more vertical. Allow your arms to bend when they pass over your knees.

The Finish
Bring the handle into your abdomen as your elbows move past your body. Your legs should be right back, however keep the knees soft, and tilt your body back slightly.

The Recovery
Let your arms stretch forward and straighten, then bend from your hips, sliding forward again to the catch position.